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Guidance of system for privacy protection

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What is system for privacy protection?

 By development of information and communication technology, you became able to exchange much information easily, and our living became very convenient.
 However, personal information was collected in what that the person did not know, and it was used in unanticipated place, and rights of individual profit came to be seen in violated example.
 Therefore, in the prefecture, we set Kumamoto ordinance of privacy protection and set basic matter to protect personal information that we handled in various business commencing with the field of education and welfare appropriately and confirmed information of self and demanded correction for error of fact and allowed you to demand suspension for the non-appropriate handling and decided to act for protection of right profit of citizens of the prefecture each one by performing measures such as enlightenment of consciousness of personal information protection for private business person which handled and personal information of citizen of the prefecture.

What is personal information?

 It is personal full name, address, income, information about individual including history and says thing which can identify whose information it is.

Target conduct organization?

 It is for local incorporated administrative agency (public university corporation Kumamoto Prefectural University) which the governor, assembly, Board of Education, Election Administration Committee, Personnel Committee, Auditor, the Public Safety Commission, Chief Constable, Labour Relations Commission, Expropriation Committee, sea region fishery Coordination Committee, Freshwater Fishing Areas Committee, manager of hospital business and the prefecture established. (called "conduct organization".)

What is rule when conduct organization of the prefecture handles personal information?

Making and reading of register of desk work targeted for registration
Among desk work to deal with personal information, we make directories which we listed of name and purpose of the desk work, collection of information ahead about thing using administrative document which is in condition to be able to search individual including account book and allow you to read in information plazas freely.

2 When we collect personal information (limit of collection)


We make purpose of desk work to deal with personal information clear and collect by legality and fair means as far as it is necessary for the desk work.
  (2) As a general rule, we collect from the person.
  (3) When we collect personal information from the person in writing, as a general rule, we state purpose of the desk work clearly.
  (4) When there is fate such as laws and ordinances, personal information such as thought, creed, religion does not collect.

When we use personal information and provide
As a general rule, it does not perform personal information that it collected for the purpose of other than purpose of desk work use and to provide.


As a general rule, conduct organization handles based on the rule from 1 to 3 mentioned above on the handling of personal information, but we interfere with achievement of purpose of desk work and may perform the exceptional handling to listen to opinion of the Kumamoto system for privacy protection council when there are necessity of public interests or other reasonable grounds.


When we offer personal information using communication line
As a general rule, we do not perform that we offer personal information by registration to homepage outside. We listen to opinion of council for Kumamoto system for privacy protection if we provide unavoidably in the engagement of social activities.

Method of request for disclosure of personal information?
 Anyone can demand disclosure of your recorded personal information from administrative document. As a general rule, it is only the person that can request, but legal representative of minor or adult ward can request in place of the person.
 You come to the following window, and you fill in the requirements on self-information disclosure bill, and, after agency, please submit.
 Style of disclosure bill is in each window, but can download from page of "application style downloading".
 On request, submission of documents (driver's license, passport) confirming that it is the person or adduction is necessary. Documents (copies of a person's family register) which prove the qualification in addition when we arrive at legal representative are necessary.
 As a general rule, conduct organization performs decision whether or not they disclose for less than 15 days from day when we had request.
・Request about personal information that the prefecture holds
 [window] Information plaza (the first floor of the prefectural office administration ridge Main Building)
 [telephone] 096-333-2069
 Or General Administration Division of each branch office (only about personal information that the branch office concerned holds.)

・Request about personal information that prefectural assembly holds
 [window] Prefectural Assembly Secretariat General Administration Division (prefectural office assembly the first floor of the ridge)
 [telephone] 096-381-9411

・Request about personal information that the prefectural Public Safety Commission and prefectural Chief Constable hold
 [window] The police headquarters public information citizen of the prefecture section personal information window (prefectural office Police the first floor of the ridge)
 [telephone] 096-381-0110

In addition, we are disclosed promptly if the examinations request identity verification documents including admission ticket to an examination after bringing about personal information that conduct engine including score and order such as examinations that the prefecture carries out set beforehand orally at place carried out in the during set period after result announcement.

What is personal information that is not disclosed?

 If there is request for disclosure of self-information, conduct organization is set that you must disclose unless non-disclosed information is recorded. But information said not to have to disclose or information that might affect personal evaluation are not disclosed by fate such as laws and ordinances.

Expense of self-information disclosure?

 Reading is free, but has you bear expense when grant (copy) of copying is hoped for.


Type of administrative document

Method of making of copying

Expense required for making of copying

Document, drawing 

Copying (black and white) with copier

Copying (color) with copier

Because of one xerox    10 yen        
Because of one xerox    30 yen

Electromagnetic record 

The output (black and white) to paper

The output (color) to paper
Reproduction to optical disk (CD-R)

Because of one output paper       10 yen

Because of one output paper       30 yen
It is 80 yen per 700MB CD-R1 piece      

Note: Paper in xerox in making of copy of document, drawing and electromagnetic record does Japanese Industrial Standards A3 size with maximum.
 But we do sum of expense to need for making of copying in thing which reproduced electromagnetic record to recording medium except the recording medium mentioned above when we make certified copy of administrative document with apparatus except dry process copier and with actual sum of money to need for making of copying concerned.

If decision of non-disclosure includes dissatisfaction?

 If decision of non-disclosure and partial disclosure includes dissatisfaction, query is possible.
 Conduct organization does decision for query after having respected opinion of Kumamoto personal information protection examination committee.

What is request for correction of personal information?

 If your personal information that received disclosure includes error of fact, we can demand the correction. Request procedure is the same as request for disclosure.

What is request for suspension of personal information?

 If your personal information that received disclosure is collected in violation of regulations of the regulations, and we use or it is offered, we can request stop of the use, stop of removal or offer. Request procedure is the same as request for disclosure.

Request to citizens of the prefecture
 Each one hands own information to another person carelessly to protect personal information, and it warns so that it does not violate right benefit of another person, and it is important to raise awareness about personal information protection.
 I would like cooperation of citizens of the prefecture to be able to live comfortable social life by security.



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