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With 1 bear Eco notebook

 In Kumamoto, choose style that citizen of the prefecture each can continue to climate and climate, custom of Kumamoto for prevention of warming, and take for life; nyu

We plan the spread of eco-life "bear Eco" like Kumamoto living on re, citizen of the prefecture acting as a body in spite of being pleasure in consideration for environment.


 We produced "bear Eco notebook" for the elementary school upper grades to push forward this approach.

 We distribute bear Eco notebook at Kumamoto Environmental Education and Intelligence Center (Minamata-shi) or event.


Bear Eco notebook (cover)
 Bear Eco notebook (March, 2020 production is edition)




Downloading of 2 bear Eco notebooks 

 Please download from this.


Notebook 3,4Notebook 7,8




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Department of Environment and Residential Life Environmental Policy Promotion Division
Telephone: 096-333-2266
Fax: 096-383-0314
Email [email protected]
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