About confirmation of asbestos (asbestos) use or nonuse in building

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Department of Environment and Residential Life Environmental Conservation Division 
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To the dismantling, remodeling, construction suppliers who repair, and are constructed such as buildings

                                  Kumamoto Department of Environment and Residential Life Environmental Conservation Division

By revision of the Air Pollution Control Act, feasibility study about asbestos was required in the construction such as the dismantling such as buildings. When you arrive, please report confirmation result of the use situation of asbestos about buildings by the following.

1) Report contents: Please fill in terms of reference on use of asbestos questionnaire (attached sheet 3).
 ※Copy of record (being questionnaire and contents which are higher than equivalence) of confirmation findings may be submitted replacing with use of asbestos questionnaire.
2) Report: Public health center hygiene Environment Division (public health center having jurisdiction over area where building is)
3) Deadline for report: Former construction more than three days of starting (when it has difficulty, before construction start)
4) Report method: We mind with Fax, mail, none of bringing.

※About building that level 1, 2 asbestos were judged to be shiyoyu, submission (we submit to the jurisdiction public health center) of notification form based on the Air Pollution Control Act is necessary.
※In the case of level 3 (asbestos molding boards), use of asbestos building materials assume column of having asbestos or not of schedule of investigation existence, and please list that it is level 3 building materials in other columns.       
Contact information

1) Person in charge of Department of Environment and Residential Life Environmental Conservation Division atmosphere, chemical substance group asbestos Tel: 096-333-2269

2) According to the inspection as follows in person in charge of jurisdiction public health center hygiene Environment Division pollution Tel, Fax

List of phone number and Fax numbers of submission (each public health center) 
Public health center name Tel Fax
Uki public health center 0964-32-1148 0964-32-2426
Ariake public health center 0968-72-2184 0968-74-1721
Yamaga public health center 0968-44-4121 0968-44-4123
Kikuchi public health center 0968-25-4135 0968-25-5457
Aso public health center 0967-24-9035 0967-24-9031
Mifune public health center 096-282-0016 096-282-3117
Yatsushiro public health center 0965-33-3198 0965-33-6321
Minamata public health center 0966-63-4104 0966-63-3289
Hitoyoshi public health center 0966-22-3107 0966-22-4392
Amakusa public health center 0969-23-0172 0969-22-0455

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Department of Environment and Residential Life Environmental Conservation Division
Telephone: 096-333-2268
Fax: 096-387-7612
Email kankyouhozen@pref.kumamoto.lg.jp
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