Summary of 2012 municipalities finance

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 "Summary of 2012 municipalities finance" gathered main number about analysis of financial administration such as the fiscal consolidation judgment ratio, inhabitants' tax, tax allocated to local governments, public facilities, the number of the staff and salary mainly on financial statements statistics of general account, government enterprise accounts of 45 prefecture.

 We can download from the following (all 309 pages).

 [the first book]

   PDF Tables of contents [PDF file/173KB]

 ○Summary of the municipalities general account financial statements

   PDF 1/2 (summaries of 2012 municipalities general account financial statements) [PDF file/2.57MB] 

      PDF 2/2 (2012 financial statements situation (municipalities closing card)) [PDF file/882KB] 

 PDF Office work cooperatives summary [PDF file/1,021KB] of general account financial statements 

 PDF Summary [PDF file/1.19MB] of local government industry financial statements

 PDF Summaries [PDF file/304KB] such as the fiscal consolidation judgment ratios pertaining to the municipalities financial statements

 [the second volume]

 PDF Tables of contents [PDF file/123KB]

 PDF The situation [PDF file/2.84MB] of inhabitants' tax

 PDF The situation [PDF file/470KB] of tax allocated to local governments and local exception grant

 PDF The situation [PDF file/2.51MB] of public facilities

 PDF The situation [PDF file/823KB] of the number of the staff and salary 

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