Basic policy, classification and aim of educational training

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Educational training basic policy

School mottos of Fire Fighters' Academy

Three school mottos of Fire Fighters' Academy

 Fire Fighters' Academy education lets you recognize duty of firefighting definitely pursuant to the provision of school mottos for staff of fire station, member of firefighting team and plans knowledge necessary to accomplish the responsibilities, the acquisition of technique and cultivates physical strength, training of willpower and rich human nature and maintains rules and solidarity and does that we bring up firefighting person that can meet trust of local resident with basic policy.



Classification and aim of educational training of 2020 (Raiwa 2) 

Education classification kyo    iku    Eyes    hyo
The first designation The first designation department 65th For the firefighting staff whom we employed newly, we train physical strength that lets you recognize duties of firefighting definitely, and can cope with basic knowledge, technique and disaster.
Specialized course Special disaster department  We train exclusive knowledge about special materials and technique to plan improvement such as response to special disaster, precise firefighting.
 Preventive inspection department  We train the current situation of inspection administration and problem, fire prevention management, exclusive knowledge about violation processing and technique.
 Dangerous materials department  We understand the current situation and problem of dangerous materials administration and train exclusive knowledge about characteristics and technique.
 The first aid course 29th  We train expertise such as the standard (July 1, 1978 Fire and Disaster Management Agency notification No. 2) Article 6 first of emergency measure that ambulance crew performs and emergency measure to prescribe in Paragraph 2 and technique.
 The help department 41st  We train exclusive knowledge necessary for qualification of member of rescue team to fix for standard (September 21, 1987 Fire and Disaster Management Agency notification No. 3) Article 6 about rescue operation and technique.
Executive The beginner's class executive department  We train ability as director for subordinate instruction, the spot generalship, duties performancer.
In particular The instructor training  We train knowledge, technique about the point of firefighting how to handle (pump car and small pump) necessary for firefighting team instruction and examination.
 The defending member training  For staff of fire station with a little disaster spot experience (person within five years after the first designation education completion), we train the equipments handling, help technology, knowledge such as fire gyo-proof and technique.
 The general training  We train correspondence ability to firefighting phenomenon that is new by the latest information or the system in actor.
Others Paramedic additional class (prefectural MC co-hosting)  We train exclusive knowledge for drug addition of paramedic and technique.
 ■ Member of firefighting team education
The basics Normal     Course  We train knowledge in importance, positioning of firefighting team and firefighting and technique.
Specialized course Engine   Course  We train firefighting pump operation, knowledge about maintenance and technique.
Executive Conduct executive department
(the spot conduct course)
  We are aware of responsibilities as the spot leader at the time of disaster to manager and group leader and train knowledge of the spot conduct and safety management and technique.
 Conduct executive department
(branch office conduct course)
  We train management administration of firefighting team, ability for effective spot activity to the branch office head and Manager of vice-branch office.
In particular Instructor Course     (prefectural association co-hosting)  We let person of intermediate executive department in rank of vice-leader and Manager of branch office or conduct executive department (the spot, branch office conduct course) completion acquire high knowledge, technique of firefighting and train nature as leader.
 ■ Other education
General firefighting education  Based on various groups, request of general citizen of the prefecture, we let you learn knowledge such as firefighting disaster prevention or first aid to hope for and technique and, also, we provide school facilities in educational training about disaster prevention and plan the spread of fire prevention disaster prevention consciousness enlightenment.
(we include voluntary disaster prevention organization, self-defense fire brigade, member of fire prevention club)






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