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Question about Kumamoto Fire Fighters' Academy

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1. Question about firefighting

Question 1

 What is the method of becoming staff of fire station?


 You must pass employment examination that each firefighting headquarters performs to become staff of fire station. As you are different, at time of employment examination, ask each firefighting headquarters about detailed thing about examination for each firefighting headquarters.

Question 2

 What kind of person enters a school in Fire Fighters' Academy how long?


 Staff of fire station and member of firefighting team of each Kumamoto prefecture firefighting headquarters of the municipalities enter a school for educational training.
 In the case of staff of fire station, we enter in one week, long course in course that the first designation department (new face of the age adoption) has a short six months, other cases for two months.
 In addition, member of firefighting team becomes entering of 2nd (2 days and 1 night) and 3rd (3 days and 2 nights)

Question 3

 Does woman enter a school in Fire Fighters' Academy?


 Staff of fire station in Kumamoto had entering of three people in two people, 2008 in 2007. 26 woman firefighting staff works as of January, 2009.
 Member of firefighting team in Kumamoto had entering of two people in three people, 2008 in 2007. There are 500 members of woman firefighting team as of January, 2009.


2. Information that firefighting is advantageous

1. Why is fire engine red?
 As color of first Japanese fire engine was red, it is said that the same color came to be used afterward. In addition, we just see red, and fire is associated, and it is said that looking out for fire is appealed for.
 When "there is painting on fire engine of the body of emergency car, it is stipulated, it is cinnabar red" in Road Vehicles Law.
 Foreign fire engine has much red, but there are a lot of yellow fire engines, too. As this is outstanding even by night in comparison with red, this is because it is effective in road safety.
2. Why is emergency car white?
 Color of emergency car is set on laws and ordinances, too. It is not sure, but it is said that it may be thing by reason that thing, white that thing which we purchased from foreign country was white are clean images why it was decided on white at the time when emergency duties were started. The side contains red line, but there are theories which we put red of fire engine in because this is duty that fire station performs.
3. Why were 119 numbers of first aid decided on fire?
 Fire information exclusive telephone was institutionalized in Tokyo on (1917) April 1 in 1917.
 This is telephone [switchboard girl was connected to fire department immediately if we informed with fire, and person in charge of firefighting replied. Afterwards, it was advanced by automatic exchange taking the opportunity of the Great Kanto Earthquake becoming and was able to decide fire exclusive telephone with the short "112th" of dial time.  However, we were often connected by mistake and decided to adopt "9" that was not used for district number (the first number of exchange number) from (1927) in 1927, and "the 119th" was born.
 In addition, Copenhagen and Sydney are "000" "999" "911" London and Hong Kong New York and Chicago in foreign country.

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