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We can receive examination of rubella antibody free

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 Rubella is acute rash sexually transmitted disease caused by rubella virus, and rash, fever, swelling of lymph node are seen after the infection after the incubation period (time without symptom) of 2-3 weeks (clear symptom may not be seen).

 When pregnant woman is infected with rubella in the first half (until 20 weeks) of gestational period, baby may be born with obstacle to eyes and ear, heart (congenital rubella syndrome).

 Rubella becomes periodical inoculation now, and many children are vaccinated, but there is generation when vaccination rate is low by the change of past vaccination system. Of these, we are infected with pregnant woman, and, in the child care generation, it is felt uneasy about by man infected with rubella that congenital rubella syndrome occurs.

 In the prefecture, it faces each other toward the following eligible people to prevent congenital rubella syndrome mainly and free carry out examination of rubella antibody. We can check whether you have immunity to rubella (antibody) by examination of rubella antibody.

Reference: Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare homepage We open with the other window(external link)


About eligible people of inspection

Person who corresponds to following (1) or (2) in living in the prefecture (except Kumamoto-shi).

 (1)Woman and the spouse who wish to become pregnant ※Housemates such as 1 ※2.

 (2)Antibody titer of rubella is low ※Housemates such as spouses of 3 pregnant women.

       ※1 is not doing notification of marriage, but includes in circumstances like marital status virtually.

   ※Frequent which is the same, and does life space 2.

   ※3 antibody titer of the HI method lower than 16 times.

  But as a result that even person who corresponded to (1) or (2) received antibody inspection pertaining to rubella in the past, with antibody of rubella of enough quantity (come than antibody titer 16 times of the HI method very much   

 It becomes clear) thing that it is i, and the person admitted that it is not necessary to be vaccinated concerned is excluded.


 As we carry out examination of rubella antibody business at Kumamoto-shi public health center, as for the living in Kumamoto-shi, please see homepage of Kumamoto-shi public health center.

  ⇒ Kumamoto-shi public health center "carries out examination of rubella antibody"With new window


About implementation period of inspection

 From April 1, 2020 (Raiwa 2) to March 31, 2021 (Raiwa 3)

 ※Person that inspection is hoped for accept inspection early.


Application for inspection and flow of inspection

 (1) We submit examination of antibody application to the nearest public health center (possible in some municipalities) by visit to an office, mail, one of the FAX directly.

   ※Result of examination of antibody including copy of maternity record book, please submit person corresponding to <(2) of eligible people> mentioned above to thing that it is revealed together.

   ※When we perform application with mail or FAX, and receiving of consultation ticket is hoped for by mail, sorry for your inconvenience, but we say 94-yen stamp to self-addressed envelope after pasting  

    We would appreciate your mailing to mioshita public health center including. (when we apply by mail possible enclosure at the time of application)

 (2) Consultation ticket is issued by public health center (the municipalities).

 (3) We choose inspection medical institution among list of following inspection medical institutions, and we call and contact, and inspection makes a reservation.

 (4) Consultation ticket and identification card consult inspection medical institution, and they are examined with (health insurance card or driver's license). We perform examination by drawing blood.

 (5) Result office action has been sent later (about one week later) by inspection medical institution.

    ※Method of notice of result may vary according to medical institutions.




About rubella vaccination

 As you may be infected with rubella when antibody titer of rubella is low, please examine vaccination of rubella.

 In many municipalities in the prefecture, we support vaccination expense of rubella for rubella having low antibody titer mainly this year. Ask municipality to live before it is vaccinated.









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