The history of Kumamoto Meat Inspection Office

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Department of Health and Social Services Meat Inspection Office 
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The history of Meat Inspection Office
April, 1972 Meat Inspection Office construction start
April, 1973 The Kumamoto Meat Inspection Office setting regulations enforcement
May 4, 1973 Meat Inspection Office inspection duties start
April, 1986 Computer introduces this for *kensa data handling
April, 1992 Meal bird inspection start based on regulations of "law about examination of regulation of business of meal bird processing and meal bird"
September, 1993 Computer program completion, beginning to use for examination of meal bird
October, 1999 *kensakensa, new computing system for examination of meal bird finish this
We input test result of pig using PHS at the same time
October 18, 2001 We start examination of all heads of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE)
March 1, 2002 Examination for BSE ridge completion, beginning to use
September 13, 2004 BSE-positive cow confirmation
April, 2007 This is increased *kensain two, and examination of simultaneous concurrent processing of cow and pig starts
February, 2012

We build more examination of Salmonella ridges

June, 2013 Examination for BSE acceptance start of Kumamoto center edible meat center (Toyonocho, Uki-shi)
March, 2014 This office jurisdiction facility [Kumamoto stock raising distribution center (Shichijomachihayashibaru, Kikuchi-shi)] acquires to U.S. and export authorization to Canada
April, 2014

○ This of inspection organization of * and meal bird gather

*kensa (Uki, Mifune, Hitoyoshi) and meal bird inspection (Yatsushiro) are gathered <in this office as we carried out at each public health center until now, and it is the system which this office unifies with one in the Kumamoto prefecture and * and all of meal bird inspection (limited on a large scale).>

○ It becomes three sections (room) of systems (General Administration Division, the inspection Facility Planning Division, overhaul section and Hitoyoshi, Yatsushiro examination room)


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Department of Health and Social Services Meat Inspection Office
Telephone: 0968-26-4231
Fax: 0968-26-4233
Email shokunikueiken@pref.kumamoto.lg.jp
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