About designated (permission) application procedure for care service company

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It revised part of style (April 1, 2019 (Heisei 31)).



 It is necessary to receive appointment (permission) of Governor of Kumamoto to offer care service business based on Nursing Care Insurance Law. Care service business that appointment (permission) is hoped for reads the following matters carefully, and please file for appropriate application.



Before 1-designated application

 It is effective, and high quality service offer is aimed at, but, in the nursing-care insurance system, it becomes premise by entry of various places of a variety of private business people to have you understand, at first, care insurance-related laws and ordinances before application enough when it hits if we receive designation as care service office. Specifically, close inspection considers mention contents such as reference book, material advocating to not only Nursing Care Insurance Law but also list shown below concerned, and please understand contents such as various standards that designation is demanded from in care insurance-related laws and ordinances for each care service business hoped for enough.


Reference book, material concerned



 1   [reference book] "Interpretation 2-designated standard of reward for nursing care" (social insurance research institute)

※Popular name "penny dreadful."

 Every care service business, we cover all designated standards that Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare ordinance stipulates, and interpretation notice contents about each standard are written jointly and are basic documents to understand contents such as various standards. You confirm the most new book enough, and please refer to.
 2  The Kumamoto relations regulationsWe open with the other window  About designated standards that Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare ordinance included in 1 mentioned above stipulates, we set in the Kumamoto regulations after 2013. But please use 1 book mentioned above together about interpretation of each article appropriately as, as a general rule, contents of the regulations regulations follow regulations of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare ordinance.

 Guide (Kumamoto) of collective guidanceWe open with the other window

※We publish in "(i) service material" by each service name among tables of item 2 of the link mentioned above every service.

  We settle effect of the contents of 1 and 2 mentioned above and record information about reward for nursing care. Cases that acquisition of 1 book mentioned above has difficult investigate 2 and this "collective guidance guide" mentioned above thoroughly to a minimum in the hand, and please consider.




About application style necessary for 2-designated application and attached documents

 It is necessary to have designated application prepare for attached documents set of list shown below [1] "appointment (permission) application" (the first style) every service [2] and [3] "report of system style, submission documents pertaining to reward for nursing care calculation". In making of these documents, please note the next matter.

◆As attached documents of list shown below [2] differ every service, and they diverge into many branches, you do required document after check with "list of appointment (permission) application attached documents" of list shown below [4] by all means so that there are not mention error and attachment leak, and please attach "appointment (permission) application attached documents list of" which finished check in submissions such as applications by all means [4] in addition.

◆In making of documents, please confirm consistency between each document enough including point showing for the next example (1-3).

  1.        1.Do mention contents of dossier match contents which we fixed for administration official regulations?
  2.        2.Does the staff placement to be shown in the duty system and duty form table match with the number of the staff placement of appended chart mention?
  3.        3.We match all employee listed in photographs of the duty system and duty form table, figure of organization system, documents indicating the employment, copying of qualification and employee, and is there not mention leak? 


 Reference number




 It is style to be common to all services.


 Attached documents such as care insurance company-designated application, notification of changeWith new window  It is style to set every service. [4] Please use linked diversity type after having confirmed required document with "list of designated (permission) application attached documentsWe open with the other window" (PDF: 150.9 kilobytes) by all means.


 Report of system style pertaining to reward for nursing care calculation, submission documentsWith new window

 It is style to set every service. Please submit according to mention contents of the left note link.


  List of designated (permission) application attached documents (PDF: 150.9 kilobytes) We open with the other window

[2] You use for confirmation of this by all means, and, in submission of ... [3] mentioned above [1], please attach this list by all means.


※ About symbiosis type home service (visit care, tsushokaimamori, (care prevention) short-term entrance life care), please confirm "about symbiosis type home service officeWe open with the other window".

※ You consider, and, about designation, please confirm "toWe open with the other window insurance medical institutions that "we consider, and business is started" by appointment".


About 3 application (permission) fees

 As it is necessary to have designated (permission) application pay application fee to set every service by pasting of Kumamoto income certificate stamp, preparations for beforehand appointed sum, please (at the time of application, as for the purchase at the prefectural office stand, possible after the completion format examination by charge).


 Service classification

 Application (permission) fee


 Home service business

 15,000 yen

 When newcomer-designated application does home service and care preventive service in a lump, Kumamoto income certificate stamp of 30,000 yen in total is necessary for home service (15,000 yen) + care prevention service (15,000 yen).

 Care prevention service business

 15,000 yen

Same as above 

 Care for the elder welfare facilities

 42,000 yen


 Care for the elder healthcare facility

 63,000 yen


 The House of care medical care

  63,000 yen




About deadline for 4 application

 As a general rule, please perform newcomer-designated application within one month before the business scheduled starting date.



About 5 application windows, reservation

 When we perform newcomer-designated (permission) application of wide area service office in Kumamoto except Kumamoto-shi (※), next Kumamoto prefectural government office Senior Citizens Support Division becomes application window (production of documents point). You guess contact information of list shown below right and, in application, contact in advance by all means, and please do the next agency after having taken reservation on the next agency day to the person in charge of each service. We may demand the next agency again later without being able to do format examination in reception desk by the person in charge absence when there are not advance reservations.


Classification of service


 Contact information


 Home service

 Care preventive service

 Kumamoto Senior Citizens Support Division home care group



6-18-1, Suizenji, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi (prefectural office the fourth floor of the new building)

 Facility type service

(we include medical treatment for a short term for a short term life)

 Kumamoto Senior Citizens Support Division facility care group


 Same as above


  ※Ask office which can catch new appointment (permission) in Kumamoto-shi advanced age care employee services (096-328-2793) in Kumamoto-shi.


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