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About report of duties regime

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 By 32 of Nursing Care Insurance Law Article 115, care service proprietor (we say "company" as follows.) is obliged to carry out maintenance of duties regimes such as legal compliance.
 Duties regime that proprietor should maintain is set according to number of office catching appointment or permission or facility (we say "offices" as follows.), and it is necessary to report notification form which listed matter about maintenance of duties regime to relative government agency.
 Therefore, we would appreciate your reporting by the following.


 Please refer to explanation material of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare making for purpose of system and substance.

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Duties regime that 1 proprietor maintains

Contents of duties regime maintenance

 The number of offices (note 1)

 ①Election of manager for legal compliance

  (note 2)

 ②Maintenance of laws and ordinances observance official regulations

③Inspection of the situation of execution of duty

  We carry out regularly

 It is less than 20 1 or more


 It is less than 100 20 or more



 100 or more





(note 1) About the handling of "the number of offices"

 You include the care prevention and care prevention support office in the number of offices, but only medical institution does, and please remove office.

 When only medical institution does, and office is home service (home medical treatment management instruction, temporary nursing at home, visit rehabilitation and tsusho rehabilitation) that hospital, medical office, drugstore perform, and there was designation of Health Insurance Law, designation of Nursing Care Insurance Law says office considered that there was.


(note 2) About "manager for legal compliance"

 Manager for legal compliance does not find some kind of qualifications, but please appoint person in charge in charge of familiar legal affairs as contents of order based on at least Nursing Care Insurance Law and law. In addition, proprietor who does not set up legal affairs section, please appoint person who can secure legal compliance in company. In addition, we can appoint the representative.



Report of notification form about maintenance of 2 duties regimes




 ① Area of the metropolis and districts with offices 2 or more and the local public welfare station 3 or more

   Company which is located in circuit of this

 The Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare 

 ② Companies are located in area of the 2 or more metropolis and districts and are 2 or less

   Company which is located in circuit of the local public welfare station

 Prefectural governors whom principal office of company is located

 ③ Company where all offices are located in area of 1 metropolis and districts

   (example) company where offices are located to "chisel in Kumamoto"

 Prefectural governors

 (example) Governor of Kumamoto

 ④ Company where all offices are located in area of 1 designated city

   (example) company where companies are located to "chisel in Kumamoto-shi"

 The head of designated city

 (example) Mayor Kumamoto

 ⑤ Be proprietor performing only community-based service (including the prevention),

   Company where all offices are located in 1 municipality

 Head of municipality


◇Some jurisdiction (report) was changed by partial revision of Nursing Care Insurance Law of the enforcement on April 1, 2015.

  PDF About change of report (leaflet) With new window


About styles necessary for 3 reports

 When the following report is necessary, proprietor must tell administration of report without delay.
 In addition, please submit report not submissions such as every offices as company (establisher such as corporations). 


 ※We do not need report about change of jurisdiction by partial revision of Nursing Care Insurance Law of the enforcement on April 1, 2015


Reason that report is necessary for 


Entry example 

 ① When we report about maintenance of duties regime

 ※It is necessary to report all companies.


 ② When business deployment area changes by designation such as companies, and change of report division occurs

 (note) in both sides of administration before changing report about change of this division and administration after change

     It is necessary to report.

(change of division)

 ③ When matter has change

   But the following cases do not need report of change.

    ・When even if change occurs to the number of offices, duties regime to maintain is not changed

    ・In the case of immaterial alteration not to have an influence on duties regime including correction of the words of legal compliance official regulations



Method of 4 reports

 You mail the following submission earlier or please bring.

 <submission>   〒 862-8570 (mention of address is unnecessary per exclusive number.)

            Prefectural Department of Health and Social Services longevity Social Welfare Bureau Senior Citizens Support Division care service group

 <the submission number of copies>  Copy


※When you submit to report except Kumamoto, please ask each municipality.




 PDF The point With new window(PDF: 66.7 kilobytes) about report of duties regime of Kumamoto care service company


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