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About designation that there is no only tsusho rehabilitation

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About designation that there is no only tsusho rehabilitation

 By revision of the Nursing Care Insurance Law enforcement regulations, tsusho rehabilitation and authority of care prevention place rehabilitation consider about insurance medical institution by regulations of the Health Insurance Law Article 63 Paragraph 3 first from April, 2009; designated.
 Therefore, when we rehabilitate authority of tsusho rehabilitation and care prevention place as care insurance company, and nursing care benefit costs are requested, we will tell as report is necessary as follows.
 In addition, about the handling of report, please note as you will perform by last month 15 of calculation start month.


1 submission document

(1) Notification form about the systems pertaining to nursing care benefit costs calculationWith new window

(2) Rehearse tsusho; the items mentioned (appended chart 7) pertaining to designation of authority of care prevention place rehearsal business place (Excel: 20.4 kilobytes) We open with the other window
(3) Ground plan 
(4) Copying of designated office action of insurance medical institution


2 submission number of copies

  Two copies (after the reception desk, I return copy as office reserve.)


3 submissions

  Please bring in Kumamoto Department of Health and Social Services Senior Citizens Support Division care service group.
  (reference) 096-333-2219 (direct)


4 notice matters

・And, in conduct of business, "standard about the staff, facilities of business such as appointment home services and administration", please adhere rigidly to (notice of section manager) about "standard about appointment home services and appointment care prevention service" other than "the regulations about the staff, facilities of business such as Kumamoto designated home services and administration" (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare ordinance).
・Office number is head of medical institution number (seven digits) ten digits of numbers that wore number 431.
・It is office number of tsusho rehabilitation, but the number, please already refer to care service group only for insurance medical institution in the cases that are different from the office number mentioned above as designation that there is no in the office receiving temporary nursing at home, visit rehabilitation, home medical treatment management instruction.


5 notifications of change
  If change occurs on name of company, the location of principal office, job, full name, address of representative, name, the location of office, please submit change notification form.
  As for the styles, please see this.    

     Care insurance company (appointment) notification of changeWith new window

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