The quality of the water report of investigation (public water areas and groundwater)

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Department of Environment and Residential Life Environmental Conservation Division 
TEL: 096-333-2268 
FAX: 096-387-7612 
Email kankyouhozen@pref.kumamoto.lg.jp
 Pursuant to the provision of Water Pollution Control Law Article 15, we watch the water pollution situation of public water areas (river, wetlands, sea area) and groundwater.
 In addition, based on law Article 17, we announce the findings.
 We make degree investigation plan every year and we cooperate and, about the situation of the quality of the water in the prefecture, carry out investigation after discussion of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Kyushu district maintenance station or Kumamoto-shi with research institute.
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Department of Environment and Residential Life Environmental Conservation Division
Telephone: 096-333-2268
Fax: 096-387-7612
Email kankyouhozen@pref.kumamoto.lg.jp
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