Kumamoto "no rai kenundo" inspection committee's report was completed.

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 Kumamoto "no rai kenundo" to constitute in people of learning and experience, person of Megumi Kikuchi maple garden entrance representatives inspection committee (chairperson: Hirofumi Uchida Kyushu University Emeritus Professor) was installed in January, 2011 to inspect how this prefecture was concerned with Hansen's disease isolation policy referred to as local government "no rai kenundo" in past history, and to make record, but report was gathered.

Kumamoto "no rai kenundo" inspection committee's report (the main story)


Chapter 1 "prewar days edition"

dai ni chapter "postwar period edition"

Chapter 3 "role of various fields"

Chapter 4 "Hansen's disease problem in the present age in question"

The Chapter 5 "actual situation of damage"

For Chapter 6 "Hansen's disease solution in question"


Kumamoto "no rai kenundo" inspection committee's report (material)

 PDF All purges are edition [PDF file/2.91MB]

   PDF ・ Mainly on "no rai kenundo" and education - Tatsuta dormitory child attending school problem−

   PDF ・ Right to live of leper, family and Japanese model social policy

   PDF ・ "No rai kenundo" and the Osamu body, morality, human rights education

   PDF ・ It is the number of the people as of end of the fiscal year

   PDF ・ rai prevention costs 1948 ...

   PDF ・ Leprosy prevention costs 1950 ...

   PDF ・ Table 1 rai prevention business result

   PDF ・ Table 2 rai kanshaidojokyo

   PDF ・ The life protection situation with table 3 rai prophylaxis

   PDF ・ Table 4 national sanatorium annual report

   PDF ・ The number with the table 5 Eugenic Protection Act of vasectomy, the number of artificial abortion conduct 

   PDF ・ Table 6 Kumamoto non-accommodation number of patients change

   PDF ・ Life protection record

   PDF ・ Postwar Kumamoto assembly minutes

   PDF ・ Hearing investigation

Kumamoto "no rai kenundo" inspection committee's report (summary version)

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