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Let's increase healthy life expectancy! Kumamoto smart life project



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 In Kumamoto, we carry out "Kumamoto Smart life project" that aimed for being able to send daily life with health happily well in conjunction with "smart life project" of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
 This is improvement of lifestyle of citizen of the prefecture, approach for the purpose of stretching out healthy life expectancy in its turn by having health conscious improvement of employee and staff perform connected enlightenment activity in company, group approving of purpose of project, and more people raising awareness of health promotion through company activity again, and having you pressure to work on to change action.

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 By this project, care, (6) of (1) motion, the (2) eating habits, (3) non-smoking, (4) identification medical examination, cancer screening consultation, (5) tooth and oral cavity appeal for action concrete enough in six fields of sleep.
 Daily small changes produce good circulation of life cycle.
 It should lead to employee and the staff, the family, future health of citizen of the prefecture (consumers).
 We change consciousness of health promotion together, and let's begin "Kumamoto smart life project" to put into practice.


Recruitment of 1 Kumamoto smart life project cheering parties (company, group) 

 It recruits company, groups providing opportunities such as facility or event as local member to citizens wrestling for action that approves of purpose of "Kumamoto smart life project" for the purpose of extension of healthy life expectancy of citizen of the prefecture, and cooperates with consciousness enlightenment to health promotion, practice of health promotion activity for employee and the staff, family, citizen of the prefecture (consumers) or is concrete as "project cheering party".
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About approach of 2 Kumamoto smart life project


 (1 About approach that we carried out in 2017

        (1)Public information about health promotion

    ・Promotion business with TV, radio

    ・PR event in shopping mall

  (2) Model business that featured the theme of exercise

     ・It inflects and spreads and enlightens smart life application (KUMAMON pedometer application) by sporting events

     ・Smart life application (KUMAMON pedometer application) ranking campaign

  (3) Promotion of healthy management

     ・Holding of healthy management seminar

     ・Excellent example investigation into project cheering party activity, making of excellent casebook for the spread promotion

      ※As for the excellent casebook, please see this.  We utilize excellent casebook, and let's work on healthy managementWe open with the other window


(2) About approach that we carried out in 2016

   (1)Public information about health promotion
    ・Promotion business with TV, radio
    ・Aeon Mall Kumamoto, PR campaign in forest of Yumetaun light

    ・Holding of corporate health management seminar

    ・Holding of health promotion seminar for citizen of the prefecture
   (2)Model business that featured the theme of care of tooth and oral cavity
    We carried out model business under the theme of "care of tooth and oral cavity" among six actions.

    ・Conduct promotion of seikatsushien program
    ・Making of "luncheon mat" which is usable in company cafeterias
      ※For more details, please see this article. We utilize "luncheon mat", and let's raise health conscious of tooth and oral cavity!
   (3)Preparations, conduct of health point mileage business
    ・PR campaign in Aeon Mall Amakusa
    ・Conduct of registration society according to district



(3) About approach that we carried out in 2015

   "We examined ken (ken) and carried out health promotion model business 3 business, the spread enlightenment event business 1 business under the theme of consultation rate improvement" among six actions.         

     PDF  List of 2015 health promotion model business and spread enlightenment event business adoption business With new window(PDF: 120.8 kilobytes)



(4) About approach that we carried out in 2014

   Anyone can easily wrestle in everyday life under the theme of the "nourishment, eating habits" "body activity, exercise" among six actions casually happily
  We carried out health promotion model business 5 business.
    PDF About 2014 health promotion model business result With new window(PDF: 989.6 kilobytes)

Introduction of approach example that we can practice in 3 areas or company 


About Kumamoto muscle savings exercises

 As new tool of "Kumamoto smart life project" that is approach of the diabetes prevention and spread of health promotions enlightenment for working generation,

"Even as for NHK muscle exercises in all" even as for cause, whom of the famous Kinki University creature department of science and engineering Michiya Tanimoto (tanimotomichiya) associate professor supervision can wrestle casually

We created "Kumamoto muscle savings exercises".

 Please confirm video of exercises than the following URLs.













○Health promotion which we applied Kumamoto smart life application (pedometer application) in

 We use "Kumamoto smart life application" (pedometer application) that we produced by health promotion model business in 2014 and compete for steps happily in the workplace and group, and let's begin health promotion!
The application screen small
 [characteristic of Kumamoto smart life application]
  ・It is available in company, group, group and can compare steps between members
   (the use in individuals is possible, too)
  ・In the generation, we can confirm sex, ranking every area, too
  ・We can see video of KUMAMON exercises
  ・We can confirm personal history of steps (in week, a month equal)
       ※Including method of registration please see this article in detail

○Meal ... (nonprofit foundation Kumamoto dietician society) to spend time in collection of "another one dish of vegetable" (100 g) recipes - health to begin on today

 Of collection of recipes of "collection of recipes to utilize seasonal vegetables, and to be able to do it within ten minutes to increase another one dish of vegetable" make, and spread.

       PDF Cover With new window(PDF: 497.7 kilobytes)

○About approach example that we can practice in area or company

 Table flyerFlyer


 PDF Approach example flyer With new window(PDF: 1.51 megabytes) of health promotion which we can practice in area or company



○Is promoting approach - diabetes prevention citizen of the prefecture exercise preventing diabetes; ...

  From 2018, to prevent diabetes; "review eating habits hajimeyo walking so" for password (1) medical examination consultation "medical examination consultation once in year"
(2) Of eating habits "every day another one dish with vegetables" (3) motion "every day another 1,000 steps" push forward three actions.
 We call out to each other in family or the workplace, and let's prevent diabetes.
H30 diabetes flyer



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