Kumamoto generic medicine reliable use, enlightenment meeting

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 We install use of Kumamoto generic medicine relief by well-informed person and affiliate, enlightenment meeting that patient and medical personnel feel relieved in Kumamoto and can use generic medicine.
 In meeting,
(1) Thing about examination of reliable use policy of generic medicine
(2) Information exchange pertaining to generic medicine, thing about enlightenment
(3) Thing that is necessary about reliable use of other generic medicine
We decide to be assigned to this, and to perform discussion, adjustment.

About 2017 conduct business 

1. Holding of meeting
(the first)
The date and time: Wednesday, August 31, 2017
Place: Kumamoto terusa
(the second)
The date and time: Monday, March 13, 2018
Place: Kumamoto terusa

2. Investigations pertaining to generic medicine

 As we performed the following investigations in 2017, we will tell about the result. It would appreciate your inflecting as reference of duties.
(1) About adoption situation findings of generic medicine
  For local nucleus hospital, we carried out adoption situation investigation of generic medicine to serve as a reference when medical personnel chose the most suitable thing from much generic medicine. In addition, not the adoption situation every each medical institution, every district publishes count of the adoption situation of (4 districts (north of the prefecture, prefecture center, south of the prefecture, Amakusa)).
    •  As of November 1, 2017


  In addition, please utilize as you gathered about adoption list of medical institutions which had you reply that public announcement is possible in the investigation as follows.

 As of November 1, 2017


(note) as these data are not things recommending adoption of individual generic medicine, please use as reference of adoption of generic medicine of each medical institution. In addition, generic medicine of sale cancellation is included because you just add up reported data, and please be careful as there are data which are not investigated thoroughly partly.
(list of medical institutions, random order that had you cooperate with investigation)
It is village Hospital of-so Hospital, Konan Hospital, nikihatihosupitaru, West Japan Hospital, Saint ka tower Hospital, Tatsuda Hospital, Saiseikai Kumamoto Hospital, Kumamoto center Hospital, Koyodai Hospital, Kumamoto forest capital General Hospital, independent administrative institute national hospital mechanism Kumamoto medical center, celadon porcelain field rehabilitation Hospital, Kumamoto narijimbyoin, Kumamoto-shi medical association Kumamoto community health center, Akita Hospital, cherry blossoms cross Hospital, Kumamoto University medical department Hospital, Kumamoto municipal institution Kumamoto municipal hospital, the Kumamoto Red Cross hospital, medical center of Kumamoto Prefectural mind, the Yamaga center Hospital, Kumamoto Ashikita nursing medical center, Minamata Hospital, National Health Insurance Minamata municipal institution synthesis medical center, tensogunshiishikairitsutensojiikii* center, Amakusa central Hospital, Amakusa Hospital, Amakusa municipal institution Ushibuka municipal hospital, Amakusa first hospital, hachidaiuyamaijimbyoin, Rousaibyoin, Kumamoto, independent administrative institute community medicine function promotion mechanism Kumamoto General Hospital, the public Tamana center Hospital, Udo Hospital, Arao mind, Arao municipal hospital, the Arao center Hospital in House of hospital at the same level as the Aso mountains of, Aso hot spring hospital, Aso medical center, Incorporated Administrative Agency national hospital mechanism Kumamoto south Hospital, Kumamoto feeling medical treatment, we see Saiseikai and finish hospital, Kumamoto hot stone Hospital, Kumamoto rehabilitation Hospital, Kikuchi Udo Hospital, national sanatorium Megumi Kikuchi maple garden, independent administrative institute national hospital mechanism Kumamoto re-spring
Thank you for your cooperation for investigation.
(2) About findings of example that returned to starting pharmaceutical products from generic medicine
   After asking drugstore in the prefecture for cooperation, and, and between January, 2017 and December, having switched from starting pharmaceutical products to generic medicine, again from generic medicine to the forerunner pharmaceutical products
  We investigated reason that returned and were able to obtain answer by FAX. (the number of number of the answers/object drugstores: 357/794) ※We remove not applicable and drugstore which we responded.

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