We hold "day in 2018 made with river and the sea of Kumamoto, all" 

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 Of river where hometown is beautiful in Kumamoto and to succeed to the sea with healthy figure to the next generation river and sea perform cleaning activity "river of Kumamoto, all and approach on the making of sea day every year all at once.
 In this year, we clean around Kamo River banks of a river Park of Kikuchi-shi seven Jochou and Kikuchi River as main venue on Sunday, August 26 and move into action. In addition, mainly on this day, cleaning activity is carried out in other municipalities.
 Action of each us is important to succeed environment in defense, the next generation. Citizens of the prefecture, please participate in cleaning activity in each area positively, too.
 We publish cleaning activity day in each place below. For details, please ask each municipality.
 Let's protect beautiful river, sea which are treasure of Kumamoto together.

  Main venue: Around Kikuchi-shi seven Jochou Kamo River banks of a river Park and Kikuchi River
  Date  :Sunday, August 26, 2018
  Time  :From 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.
  Please participate, everybody!        
         H28 activity scenery 1   H28 activity scenery 2
                                   Activities (ashikitachogoritsumisakikoenkaisuiyokujo) of the year before last degree  
 Various activities are carried out to succeed to river and the sea of hometown with healthy figure as well as cleaning activity to the next generation. You can see activity contents in the following outside sites.


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