"Mender of Kyushu town" registration shop offer (Kumamoto)

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"Mender of Kyushu town" registration shop offer!   ... Kyushu seven prefectures common enterprise ...


 We carry out "mender of Kyushu-cho" business to introduce invention to use repair shop and thing in each prefecture for as approach to recommend repair (repair) of thing to repair, and to use thing for for a long time carefully to without easily throwing away broken thing in seven prefectures of Kyushu.

 As you raise shops to register as "mender" in Kumamoto at any time, do you not register?


 ※ Kyushu seven prefectures ... Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki, Kumamoto, Oita, Miyazaki, Kagoshima

 Page of registration shop introduction from this



Store which is targeted for 1 registration

  We are doing condition of store targeted for registration according to next (1), (2). 

(1) Deal with repair of household goods (thing advocating in table 1 according to the mender Kumamoto conduct point of Kyushu town) which you can generally repair among stores located in Kumamoto
       Being store which there is.
(2) Do not have implications with representative or officer not being gangster or gang or gangster.



2 registration methods

  Please submit where registration is hoped for to Kumamoto circulation society promotion section after filling out the requirements to "registration application" (style 1).
  When you change registration contents, please submit by style 2.

  When registration contents wish to delete all information, please submit by style 3.

  In addition, we can submit the style mentioned above to either of mail, Fax or E-mail.

 Word Registration application (style 1) With new window(word: 77 kilobytes)

3 support contents



 We introduce store registered with mender of Kyushu town on homepage of Kumamoto.
 About 33,000 cases (2015), monthly access number become about 2,700 cases (as of April, 2017), and, in this homepage, the number of the annual access can expect effect.
 Furthermore, please examine registration as you distribute poster and sticker indicating having enrolled in mender of Kyushu town.
 Right sticker becomes seven prefectures of Kyushu general style.

4 applications, reference

◆In the case of mail 

Kumamoto garbage zero symbol mascot "0 P"

 〒862-8570 (entry of address becomes needless by filling in this * zip code.)

  6-18-1, Suizenji, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto 


  The Kumamoto Department of Environment and Residential Life environment station

   Mender person in charge of circulation society promotion section planning and coordination group Kyushu town


◆In the case of FAX

 The mender person in charge of 096-383-7680 Kyushu town


◆In the case of E-mail

 Address…The following e-mail address

 Title…About registration (change, deletion) of mender of Kyushu town [) possible as for store's name (corporation name, the name]



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Department of Environment and Residential Life circulation society promotion section
Telephone: 096-333-2278
Fax: 096-383-7680
Email junkanshakai@pref.kumamoto.lg.jp
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