About the handling about NPO corporation not to submit business reports to before time limit

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 We promoted healthy development of civic free contribution to society activity, and nonprofit activities promotion law (NPO law) was enforced for the purpose of contributing to public increase in 1998.
 In said law, non profit organization (NPO corporation) gets civic trust by disclosing own information, and, also, it is thought that they should be brought up by citizen, and each corporation submits degree business reports to prefectural governors every year, and prefectural governors can decide to offer that for reading.
 In Kumamoto, we plan the execution of more appropriate and smooth desk work based on law and apply about the handling for corporation which does not submit business reports to citizens of the prefecture for the purpose of providing information necessary appropriately before time limit as follows from fate, April 1, 2008.

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Department of Environment and Residential Life Division for Gender Equality and Cooperation Promotion
Telephone: 096-333-2286
Fax: 096-387-3940
Email danjyokyoudou@pref.kumamoto.lg.jp
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