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The electric plumbing system department

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We are full of the skill. Place cultivating the basics is right here

We aim at expert, engineer of building facilities construction

 [more than the second kind electricity construction person training facility, liquefied petroleum gas facilities person training facility high-school graduate for/two years 20 course capacity]

   You learn construction technology such as electricity, water supply, gas, fire information that is lifeline of building facilities including house, apartment, factory in two years, and put together

 We aim at qualification of a lot of te.
  As for 1 annual, aim at first-class electricity construction person examination pass that is qualifications high rank with qualification of the second kind electricity construction person certificate, knowledge as electricity construction person

 We learn necessary technique in this. In addition, we perform class about automatic control (relay sequence) and photovoltaic power generation facilities construction.

  In 2 annual, we learn about design, construction technology of plumbing equipment, gas fitting, air conditioner. In addition, we weld (autogenous welding, arc welding) and examine water,

 We perform class about EcoCute facilities construction superior in CAD, energy saving performance.

  Furthermore, we lay emphasis on the acquisition of knowledge about "hodokoshikokanrigishi" which is necessary after employment.


◆Can acquire; qualification, course◆

Can acquire; qualification


・The second kind electricity construction person certificate        ・First-class electric construction person proof that we pass
・Firefighting equipment person certificate (four kinds of first grade)    ・Liquefied petroleum gas facilities person certificate
・The second grade certified technician "building plumbing" (practical skill)    ・Identification of autogenous welding skill class completion
・Identification of arc welding special education completion            ・Grinding and identification of stone special education completion     
・Identification of small construction machine driving electric handling special education completion particularly low-pressure identification of education completion

・Assistant kankojihodokoshikokanrigishi (subject), certified technician (skill collation passer) 

・denkikojihodokoshikokanrigishi (subject)

・Electric equipment-related enterprise          ・Air conditioner-related enterprise
・Gas fitting-related enterprise          ・Control equipment production company
・Building facilities-related enterprise          ・Communication facility-related enterprise
・Environmental equipment maintenance-related enterprise    ・Electric equipment maintenance-related enterprise


◆Charm and characteristic of course◆

★Choosing job that was correct to oneself as we can learn electric construction and tubing (water supply, gas, air conditioning) by training of two years

 We can do it.

★We perform practical training and aim at upbringing of adaptable fighting potential of company and human resources to be able to become.

★We can learn construction technologies of photovoltaic power generation facilities and EcoCute facilities which are new technology.

★We aim at personnel training as hodokoshikokanrigishi (the spot agent) which will get the spot in the future.

★Corporate management that we will become independent in the future is not dream.



 1 annual (subject, practical skill about electric construction, control)


Practical skill

Electric theory, measurement experiment, electric apparatus, electric construction, drafting, electric materials, electricity engineering, the law concerned, design, working drawing

Extension training, electric apparatus control training, outside line training, electric basic training,

The plumbing basics training, dispatch training (internship)



 The second kind electricity construction person examination (unit work)     Panel assembly operation
 <the second kind electricity construction person skill examination unit work>        <control training (panel assembling work)>


 Extension training (metallic piping)     Photovoltaic power generation facilities training

    <extension training (metallic piping)>         <extension training (photovoltaic power generation facilities training)>


 The measurement basics training (resistance measurement by the electric potential descent method)     Protection relay test (OCR, etc.)
 <measurement basics training (voltage, electric current, resistance measurement)>      <measurement basics training (protection relay test)>

 Outside line training (chosensakugyo)     LAN construction training
    <outside line training (chosensakugyo)>            <extension training (LAN construction training)>

 2 annual (subject, practical skill about the plumbing construction, gas)


Practical skill

Mechanical engineering outline, building structure, building drafting, the welding method, building facilities apparatus outline,

Plumbing equipment, the plumbing enforcement law, the plumbing outline, air conditioner, gas fitting person class

Welding brazing training, the plumbing construction training, air conditioning training,

Examination of water training, dispatch training (internship)


 Hygiene appliance installation training     EcoCute construction training   

    <hygiene appliance installation training>             <EcoCute facilities construction training>

  Autogenous welding training     Fire sensor, ceiling ventilation fan installation work
      <autogenous welding training>             <ventilation fan installation work for fire sensor, ceiling>


 Air-conditioner installation training        The plumbing construction training (the floor lower plumbing)
   <air conditioning training (air-conditioner installation work)>           <plumbing construction training (ceiling plumbing work)>


  CAD training (working drawing making)       The plumbing training (the pump circumference plumbing)            
    <CAD training (working drawing making)>          <plumbing training (pump circumference plumbing)>


  The details of the electric plumbing system department are this We open with the other window


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