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About Factory Location Law

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Report of Factory Location Law was changed from April 1, 2012!

About report of Factory Location Law in the prefecture, it is Kumamoto Industrial Support Division now ※We accept in this, but each will be changed to department in charge of each city had jurisdiction over when there is factory more applicable than April 1, 2012 in each the prefecture city.
 In addition, koremadedori Kumamoto Industrial Support Division accepts report when it is in each the prefecture municipalities.

When you have any questions, please contact window.

※But, in the report, it is department in charge of each town when Nagasu-machi, either of Ozu-machi have factory. 

Summary of Factory Location Law

Factory Location Law was established to be performed appropriately while factory location planned environmental maintenance. The lower limit of ratio of the upper limit and green tract of land area of ratio of production facility for plottage is set, and report duty occurs in new establishment and the enlargement of factory.

Factory (specific factory) where is targeted for report

When factory corresponding to the following conditions does new establishment and enlargement of factory, it is necessary to submit report beforehand.

Factory (specific factory) which is targeted for report:
Plottage to be manufacturing industry, electricity, gas, heat supply business (except waterpower, fertility of soil power station), and to win is 9,000 square meters or more or that building area is 3,000 square meters or more.

Matter which needs report

In any of the following matters, report based on Factory Location Law is necessary.

1. New establishment of constant size or more specific factories. Or when it becomes specific factory by plottage, increase of building area, type of industry change.
2. When we are going to change the area of site or production facility, the green tract of land of factory which we reported.
3. When we succeed position of person of report by full name name of scholar of report or case and acquisition by purchase, debt tray, the inheritance that changed address or merger. (but change of full name by change of president does not need report ※.)

Flow of report

Please submit notification form, dossier depending on content of report to window after preparations. Flows of report are as follows.

1. Window submissions such as notification form, dossier
2. Examination
3. We notify scholar of report of whether report was handled appropriately

※New establishment, return day of report about change should be and, until 90 days before construction start, can shorten by up to 30 days ago when they meet regulation and do not correspond to requirements of advice. We recommend early consultation, production of documents.

Submission documents

◆In the case of new establishment, change
1. Notification form by predetermined style
2. Industrial park exception dossier (at the time of need)
3. Regulation calculation remarks dossier (at the time of need)
4. Others

◆In the case of full name change, succession
1. Notification form by predetermined style
2. Others

Style of notification form

Styles of notification form are as follows. We display various style files when we click. (all A4 size, blank paper)

◆Report style about new establishment, change

◆Style about full name change, succession

Window about Factory Location Law

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[reference] About the handling of green tract of land out of the site

We fixed guidelines for standard of the prefecture pertaining to green tract of land out of the site about the handling.
As for the styles that you should attach at the time of contents and submission, please see the next file.

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