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 We devised "Kumamoto industrial development vision 2011" in December, 2010 to clarify medium-and-long term directionality of industrial development mainly on manufacturing industry in the prefecture in Kumamoto and started from January, 2011.

 In this vision, we raise "induction ... of formation - Kumamoto techno Forest synergy of leading industry group to realize" "chosen Kumamoto" as future image that this prefectural industry ten years later aims at. 

 "Chosen product, service" always aims at "chosen company" being "chosen Kumamoto" from foreign countries without staying only in the country and forms leading industry group to support sustainable society with "competitiveness" and will plan the formation of "industry group to be able to make money" to support "the prefecture which can make money" from now on.

 In addition, we set and perform chief industrial development and advance by cooperation and fusion of the field of industry and aim at new innovation and, for future leading industrial group creation, wrestle with five fields of important point growth that growth can anticipate in future in [semi-conductor], [mobility], [clean], and [society, system] [food & life]-related field for income acquisition from outside the prefecture and foreign countries.

Kumamoto industrial development vision 2011

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Department of Commerce, Industry, Tourism and Labour Industrial Support Division
Telephone: 096-333-2319
Fax: 096-384-5385
Email sangyoshien@pref.kumamoto.lg.jp
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