About designation of area industrial resources

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About designation of area industrial resources

  In this prefecture, it identified area industry resources based on "law about promotion of operation utilizing local industrial resources by medium and small-sized business" Article 4 Paragraph 1, and it set assumed area in addition that medium and small-sized business performed production of products or rendering of service as area industry resources utilization business.

 As for 333 cases and laying upon, area industry resources of this prefecture which had been already authorized by this designation, it was 335. When medium and small-sized business utilizes these areas industrial resources, and they perform new product development, medium and small-sized business devises business plan, and by receiving authorization of country, they can use various support systems.


[the number of the local industrial resources which we deleted more this time]
 * Agriculture and forestry fishery products 

    Addition 1 of area  

    Deletion 1 of area


 * Technique pertaining to production of mining and manufacturing product or mining and manufacturing


 * Cultural assets, scenery place of nature, hot spring or other local tourist attractions
    Addition 2 of resources
    Correction 2 of resources


About local industrial resources of this prefecture, please see the following files.

  Kumamoto local industrial resources-designated list (September, 2019) (PDF: 298.3 kilobytes) We open with the other window

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