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 Because the spread press-agents knowledge and technique about the forest, forestry, wood industry for citizen of the prefecture including person engaged in forestry and wood industry in plan training part, we conduct the following affairs.

1. The spread of forestry technology, knowledge

Advanced forestry machine training imageThe roadbed investigation training


● Collection, management, dispatch of the spread information

 Collection manages the spread of test and researches information about result in management about forestry and technical trend and forestry test and research organizations and sends. 
 In addition, we perform maintenance of material necessary for the spread activity that the forestry spread instructor performs.

 Guidance such as books which Kumamoto Forestry Research Center possessesWith new window

Guidance of issue of Kumamoto Forestry Research CenterWith new window

Information about the spread activityWith new window

● Technical guidance, information exchange  

 We go around various places throughout the prefecture and perform technical guidance or information exchange for the forest owner, forestry worker, group.

Forestry technical guidance imageWood drying facility technical guidance imagearagekikura cultivation technical guidance image


● Conduct of the training

 We hold various workshops to plan improvement in ability such as the forestry spread instructor or forestry worker.   

Chan so training imagemoririnsakugyodosaku*kenshukakuzoForestry supervision image


2. Forestry skill class

 We carry out skill class to plan ensuring safety of work and improvement of forestry productivity targeting at people engaging in forestry and promote the acquisition of license, qualifications that are necessary for various work.

Forestry skill class based on Industrial Safety and Health Law

 We carry out six next skill classes with high need in the spot of forestry, wood industry and plan the technical spread, improvement of security consciousness.              
(1)Forklift driving skill class
(2)Vehicle system construction machine driving skill scheme (for the leveling of ground, transportation, loading and digging)         
(3)Small mobile crane driving skill class (1-5t)
(4)We hang ball and lecture on skill (1t or more)
(5)Forestry overhead wire work chief person class
(6)Yes, it is lectured on work chief person

Skill class guidance that Forestry Research Center carries outWith new window

Overhead wire class

3. Collection, management, dispatch of information about the forest, forestry, wood industry

 We plan promotion of understanding to technological assistance to the person concerned and the forest, forestry, wood industry of citizen of the prefecture by performing collection, management, dispatch such as information, information about forest, forestry, wood industry, and coping with various consultation.

● Management (collection, display, rental) such as information, material

 We collect the following materials and manage and meet various consultation about the forest and forestry from citizen of the prefecture, company and administration.

(1)  Periodical publication material (the forest technology, modern forestry, the forest prevention of epidemics)
(2)  Specialized book (illustrated book, forestry technology, the spread magazine)
(3)  Test and research material (test and research organization, duties report of university)
(4)  Material (forest classroom text, moririnhodokoshigyoyubiharito) for the training class
(5)  The forest, forestry, the wood industrial relation book public (the forest, forestry white paper, statistics handbook, the spread activity casebook)
(6)  Material specimen
(7)  Panel for display

Guidance such as books which Kumamoto Forestry Research Center possessesWith new window


● Support such as various competitions

 At following various competitions, we support problem making and marking, local examination and plan technical improvement and improvement in will.
(1) Agriculture evaluation tournament (part of forestry)
(2) Kumamoto-shi connection tree planting contest 
(3) Various examination committees of for a special purpose forest products
(4) Forestry skill competition

Skill competition image


● Holding of Tateda Yamamori forest classroom

 We hold the forest lesson consisting of the following curricula targeting at the protectors with child who is older than fourth grader and plan breeding of consciousness about importance of various functions and maintenance, maintenance to have of the forest.
(1)Plant observation
(2)Mushroom observation
(3)Insecta, Arachnida observation
(4)Woodwork experience
(5)Dyeing with vegetable dyes experience

(6)With bamboo charcoal making, leaf illustration (Forestry Research Center public display and *sai)

Plant observation imageWoodwork experience imageDyeing with vegetable dyes experience image


4. Public information such as duties of place

Holding of duties presentation

About approach about various studies, spread working on in place and the result, we provide information widely to various places of the person concerned and have you deepen understanding to duties of place.

Duties presentation image


Holding of public display

We plan breeding of understanding to citizen of the prefecture about duties of place and multiple functions that the forest has by introducing the test and research and spread business, and holding various experiences party, and having you touch wood and nature.

News about public display from thisWith new window

Public display image 1Public display image 2


Issuance of publication

We tell about business content of place widely through issuance and homepage of the following publication and plan promotion of understanding to technological assistance to the person concerned and the forest, forestry, wood industry of citizen of the prefecture.

 Business report


 News from Forestry Research Center

Guidance of issue of Kumamoto Forestry Research Center With new window


5. Liaison and adjustment of duties of place

 We investigate study on forest, forestry, wood industry needs and evaluate the choice and results of research of research theme.

 In addition, we plan liaison and adjustment with the test and research organization and spread groups inside and outside the prefecture and accomplish the test and research and spread activity smoothly.


6. Experiment forest, management, administration of the forestry technology training center

 We maintain management administration of the management and forestry technology training center of experiment forest, the training machine parts.

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