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Site proposed for 2003 first Kumamoto industrial waste disposal facility construction review meeting seminar proceedings summary

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"Date and time" Thursday, July 17, 2003 from 15:00 to 17:00
The fifth floor of the "venue" Kumamoto prefectural government office administration ridge Main Building "council room"
       6-18-1, Suizenji, Kumamoto-shi
"Attendant" chairperson Ryota Shinohara (Kumamoto Prefectural University environment symbiosis department's professor)
         Committee member    Akinori Uchino (Kumamoto University department of science's professor)     
               Shimada purely (Kumamoto University department of science's professor)
                 Atsushi Suzuki (Kumamoto University department of engineering's professor)
                        Hiroaki Tsutsumi (Kumamoto Prefectural University environment symbiosis department's professor)                                                                                                            Committee member is the order of the kana syllabary
       The secretariat
                     Kentaro Kikuchi (Department of Environment and Residential Life Waste and Recycling Affairs section manager)
                     Michiya Goto (Department of Environment and Residential Life Waste and Recycling Affairs section community participation promotion general manager)
                                                              Five others
1 opening of a meeting

2 chairperson election
  Pursuant to the provision of site proposed for Kumamoto industrial waste disposal facility construction review meeting setting summary Article 6 Paragraph 3,
     Shinohara committee member is elected by the chairperson.
3 proceedings
 (1) About items (plan) of regulated areas
 (2) There begins to be proposed site ten; about requirements (plan)
 (3) About end-point (plan)
  ・We pushed forward examination based on opinion from committee member at the secretariat and decided to discuss on the next time.

4 closing

"Opinions from committee member"
・(the infield committee member) should move preservation of the animals and plants somewhere (because make industrial waste facility)
                      Not what's called this, you must follow kind and environment together.  
                      Laws and regulations is relatively easy on choosing proposed site, but regulation place except laws and regulations
                      When even if cannot predict how include level now, choose proposed site; is oi newly in item
                      You may add.
・(the chairperson) is all the information about active fault of Kumamoto prepared? Besides, are there not the latest data?
  →(the secretariat) By data of "figure of land maintenance" which the National Land Agency issued in 1995, it is 1 per 175,000 ground
                        It is based on figure.
・(the chairperson) want to prepare new material on the secretariat side if possible.
・(Shimada committee member) "water source" of item of "others" of regulated areas is local tohadoregura with water supply water source
                      Is it ino range?
・(the chairperson) even if say water supply water source, as of now, I doubt whether is water source kept alive.
  →(the secretariat) Water source illustrates based on data which went up by data of 1995 from the municipalities
                        ru. We just let you consider as it is that new data include thing of 2000
・(Shimada committee member) is to take off the points with the water source (from proposed site) specifically
  →(the secretariat) Not way of thinking called area, we may make disposal ground on the place with water supply water source
                        We think that we will not obtain for the moment. We exclude any km of water supply water source of upper reaches,
                        We judge as "the irrigation situation" when proposed site was decided as it is difficult about range
                        We intend to do.
・(bank committee member), about inundation area of high tide, the Shiranuhimachimatsuai district coast is considerably damaged,
                  We are not illustrated. Are there not such a recent data?
  →(the secretariat) We investigate whether you can update materials and want to ride data latest as possible.
・(the chairperson) laws and regulations cannot turn, but want others to make the latest version. About road,
              Is it data as of when?
  →(the secretariat) It is the latest data about road.
・(the chairperson) want to list after the next time what made materials with data of how many years based on.
・(the infield committee member) will take off place that may make when data are old (in disposal ground). Can make
                      As i place investigates thoroughly when we narrowed down later, we know.
  →(the secretariat) Using environmental characteristic database (GIS) which made these data in Environmental Policy Division
                        We add short part to ri, the data and make materials. de old among them
                        We think that ta enters.
                        But, at stage when proposed site was narrowed down, it is problem again concerning regulated areas in the prefectural office
                        We consider whether there is not this to take confirmation.
・(Shimada committee member) do not leak with wide area farm road and super forest road?
  →(the secretariat) We think that it leaks. Thing which those all data entered is kendoi in there not having been
                        We arranged at the top. About this item, we put item of "transportation cost" at the third stage
                        Whether there is method that we do at the third stage even if we cannot enter at teirunode, the first stage omoi
・(the chairperson) if can take that into consideration, think that is all right.
・(the chairperson) determine what would do about the animals and plants if rare species appears in ranking of rare species
              Even if there was one or change that ka, rare species must not be over, you make it a principal, and reach agreement
              It is important to put.
・(the secretariat) where are the animals and plants listed in "Red Data Book" that the prefecture issues?
                  Sanctuary and habitat of the rare animals and plants may be piled up to some extent.
・(the infield committee member) sanctuary and habitats are totally different. Sanctuary is sono about several places in habitat
                      Called district protecting the animals and plants hold. In addition, even if go to the field, and investigate, even as for the animal
                      Even plants may not inhabit there through the year. Therefore of once a year
                      We cannot say having habitation or not even if we investigate.
  →(the secretariat) Can you not grasp there by documents?
・(the infield committee member) there are not documents.
・(bank committee member) even if there are documents, is data to be here (the rare animals and plants), and here
                  It is not data which there is not.
・(Suzuki committee member) when do not collect data of past assessment as method, there is no help for it. It is i (the rare animals and plants)
                      We know rutokorohaaru degree. You should keep there off.
・(bank committee member) cannot but try assessment for at least one year.
  →(the secretariat) We narrow down proposed site to 3-5 first of all, and it is said that we think about correspondence after having carried out assessment
                        We take off bekika, place having such possibilities in this work as much as possible now
                        Are kutosubekika, which way good?
・(the chairperson) should do assessment for one year.
・(Suzuki committee member) it is almost impossible to carry out assessment at many points. We focus on on other conditions
                      We do as soon as we carry out assessment at te, stage on the way as soon as we refer to data of other assessment
                      If there is not, it may be difficult.
・(the chairperson) squeeze site proposed for ten, and carry out assessment in 4-5 places of those, and staying has in spare; and
               kukotomo possibility. Squeeze ten places than focus on 3-5 places, and drop from there; and assessment
               You should say that you choose whether it is several places and leave object afterward. That for prevention such as land price rigging
               This is connected, too.
・(the chairperson), at first, appear after focusing on around ten places as policy a little too much, and carrying out assessment tight
              We think that it is necessary to cope about result that came flexibly. Then assessment one year
              You must understand that it takes.
              If one proposed site is ruined, you must begin assessment of the next proposed site immediately. so
              Is uitta policy all right?
  →(the secretariat) As proposed site to have planned around December, but to provide by then 3-5 now
                        We are doing this. However, this keeps width to some extent, and around ten places are good. The inside
                        Well, year-round assessment is necessary, too. We think with 5 from 3 or around ten
・(the chairperson) is good if there are any less than ten places
・(the infield committee member) if provide equipment at plural points, and maintain, there will be few in 4-5 places.
・(the chairperson) the neighborhood wants to think at the secretariat how long carry out assessment.
  →(the secretariat) A which we look for on all ten balance for ten proposed sites appearing at review meeting
                       There will be way of Seth, too and, at first, tries to do one place thought to be convenance in prefecture
                       We think that there is rutoiu method. There would appreciate your entrusting you to some extent. Only
                       We think that the back is hard when we choose one.
・(the infield committee member) when data of the rare animals and plants go out, might be overhunted.
・(the chairperson), in that case, want to do meeting behind closed doors.
・(the chairperson) do examine the sea surface inning? You should take off. It is more likely to become useless energy
              We do and are high for cost.
・(bank committee member) agar-agar is not good. It is difficulty in there being only marine bioluminescence, person of Yatsushiro, but the ground becoming mud tideland afterward
                   shii. There may be hardly when we think about such a thing. For possibility Yatsushiro-shi
                  It is place that is not open of south culture, but has been limited of this very much.
・(the chairperson) story gaa which Yatsushiro does, for example, in eco-port to do it in business of harbor by all means
              reba is good. We think that it is very difficult if there is not such a story.
・(the infield committee member) mostly precious animal comes out by all means when is going to do it in the sea.
・(Suzuki committee member) harbor area just puts dredging soil, and there is not further room.
  →(the secretariat) As, in Hiroshima, there is example doing by harbor business and tie-in, as possibility
                        We think whether it is necessary to understand this.
・(the chairperson), as seminar, the sea gives opinion that cannot recommend very much to give up
              Sea bream. There is problem of fishery right, too.
  →(the secretariat) As there is next seminar, we want to arrange way of thinking here. We discuss the rights and wrongs by harbor business
                        If there are any places to want to be open, we want to leave for room.
・(the chairperson) the sea surface inning cannot have responsibility as seminar. Everybody objects (committee member).
  →(the secretariat) As there was opinion how is when we think in tideland of the Gulf of marine bioluminescence sea depths part, we introduce
・(the infield committee member) there is tideland of maximum. We want you to leave that.
・(bank committee member) there will be caught on regulated area as the damaged district of high tide.
・(the infield committee member) raise there to natural environments maintenance special local candidate for some time for years. It is zo there
                      It is expected that reba is great.
・(the chairperson), by seminar, story in the sea surface understands that it is opinion that does not want to push forward

 ○Desk work contact
  Schedule of next seminar
   The date and time: From July 31, 2005 10:00 a.m.
   Venue: Prefectural office administration ridge the eighth floor of the new building 801 meeting room

Meeting materials

                      4 maps (note) 
                        (1)Natural requirements regulation area 1.2 
                          (2)Requirements regulation area 1.2 of sea area 
                          (3)Requirements regulation area 1.2 of disaster prevention 
                          (4)It is requirements regulation area 1.2 of using land 
                          (5)Cultural requirements regulation area 1.2 
                          (6)It is range figure 1.2 of 2km from national highway, prefectural road 
                          (7)Other limitation area 1.2 
                          (8)The situation (the north area of the prefecture, south area of the prefecture) of regulated areas in the first stage 
                          (9)The situation (topographical map stack alignment) of regulated areas in the first stage 
                          (note), about map of (1) - (9), omit by relations of file capacity.
                             Person that reading is hoped for can look at in the prefectural office information plaza (new building 1F).

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