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Site proposed for 2003 first Kumamoto industrial waste disposal facility construction review meeting proceedings summary

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"Date and time" Thursday, July 17, 2003 from 13:00 to 15:00
The fifth floor of the "venue" Kumamoto prefectural government office administration ridge Main Building "council room"
       6-18-1, Suizenji, Kumamoto-shi
"Attendant" chairperson Ryota Shinohara (Kumamoto Prefectural University environment symbiosis department's professor)
         Committee member Akinori Uchino (Kumamoto University department of science's professor)
               koetsuseiki (association of Kumamoto industrial waste's vice-chairperson)
               Teruaki Kawano (Kumamoto forestry owners' association federation's executive managing director)
                 Yukiko Kawano (woman forum practice chairperson of Kumamoto River)
                       Shimada purely (Kumamoto University department of science's professor)
                       Atsushi Suzuki (Kumamoto University department of engineering's professor)
                       Mieko Tanaka (Kumamoto Consumers' Association's vice-chairperson)
                       Hiroaki Tsutsumi (Kumamoto Prefectural University environment symbiosis department's professor)
                       Reiko Nishi (Kumamoto pharmacist society's vice-chairperson)
                       Tetsuo Noritomi (representative of Kumamoto-shi environmental conservation station environment Division top environment council (municipalities))
                       Kuniko Hoshiko (consumer life consultant)                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Committee member is the order of the kana syllabary
        Secretariat Akio Uemura (the Department of Environment and Residential Life head)
               Ko Jong-Soo dawn (Department of Environment and Residential Life deputy manager)
                      Kentaro Kikuchi (Department of Environment and Residential Life Waste and Recycling Affairs section manager)
                      Michiya Goto (Department of Environment and Residential Life Waste and Recycling Affairs section community participation promotion general manager)
                                                                                                                      Five others

1 opening of a meeting

Site proposed for 2 Kumamoto industrial waste disposal facility construction review meeting written request grant

3 Kumamoto receipt and disbursement length greetings

4 review meetings
 ・It is said that meeting is open in principle by "guideline about public deliberation in Houses such as the council". In addition, it is attendant for meeting exhibition
     We set i, "notice matter in case of site proposed for Kumamoto industrial waste disposal facility construction review meeting hearing".
 ・Chairperson appointed Shimada committee member based on review meeting setting summary Article 4 in vice-chairpersons.
 ・We push forward investigation of site proposed for construction, work of examination based on opinion from committee member at the secretariat and do the deliberation on the next time

5 proceedings
 (1) About site proposed for Kumamoto industrial waste disposal facility construction review meeting
 (2) About examination of site proposed for industrial waste disposal facility construction

6 closing

"Opinions from committee member"
About 1 industrial waste
・(Chairperson Shinohara) is there not any question about industrial waste?
・(Shimada committee member) did all the private processing suppliers process industrial waste until now?
  →(the secretariat) Private processing supplier went all until now. We do public participation for the first time in Kumamoto
                        There is in this.
・(Tanaka committee member) is waste including PCB not management industrial waste especially?
  →(the secretariat) Waste including PCB is management industrial waste especially. As for this table, management is particularly industrial
                        It is described in form including waste.                                                                       ・(Shimada committee member) when is short in 2 years, there is management type final disposal site, but of industrial waste of Kumamoto
                      How does straight quantity turn out? In addition, how the processing ratio in outside the prefecture and the prefecture turns out
→(the secretariat) Disposal in management type final disposal site that private processing supplier in the prefecture has in P4 of basic plan
                    Quantity is shown with 74 1,000t. In addition, about outside the prefecture, movement in the prefecture of 2000
                    When see altogether, is carried in about 92 1,000t to the prefecture industrial waste from outside the prefecture, adversely from the prefecture
                    It is carried out 196 1,000t in outside the prefecture.

About 2 Kumamoto industrial waste community participation basic plan
・(Chairperson Shinohara) when the prefecture, wastes are responsible for the municipalities, industrial waste is sorted by law
                      But, is there not any question?
・(the west committee member) how is management of management type final disposal site done?
  →(the secretariat) Other than management such as land, there is management of water basically. Waste is finally ji
                        Management is necessary until we return to zenkai. Generally, until meet water-quality standard; 10-20 years
                        It is said that it takes.
・(Chairperson Shinohara) point is management of water. We let you disintegrate, and that comes out to exudation water.
・(the west committee member) organic matter disintegrates, but inorganic matter may not disintegrate.
・(Chairperson Shinohara) is exactly like that. Therefore, put particularly harmful inorganic matter in the management type final disposal site
・(bank committee member) the management type disposal to assume annual throughput of management type waste 68 1,000m3, but to occur in the prefecture
                  Do you perform all of things in public participation facility of the prefecture?
  →(the secretariat) Rest capacity of processing supplier decreases year by year, but production activity of discharge company does not stop
                        We handle node, the discharge in public participation facility.
・(bank committee member) can not expect setting of private processing supplier in future?
  →(the secretariat) At present, it is exactly like that.
・(Chairperson Shinohara) public reason big in participating that. About setting of new private disposal ground,
                      Against inhabitants happens. Public participation facility is considered as disposal ground that citizen of the prefecture feels relieved
・(Shimada committee member) probably because Kumamoto begins that perform by public participation.
  →(the secretariat) With more than thirty prefectures, we establish the business main constituent and go nationwide. In Kyushu, it is Fukuoka, *
                        We congratulate and go in Miyazaki. We begin examination in Kagoshima.
・(Suzuki committee member) when private processing supplier installs disposal ground, inhabitants are that worry, but is public participation
                      Is there legal proof to perform?
  →(the secretariat) By law, civilian comes to should do it, but comes to be able to do it in the prefectures. Bear
                        In this prefecture, foundation is going to perform by general judgment.
・(Suzuki committee member) whether do not come back to private processing manufacturer. We get along by public participation all the time as it is
  →(the secretariat) At present, the management type last that there are various kinds of industrial waste disposal facilities, but a feeling of lack is strong
                        We think that it is necessary to perform disposal ground by public participation at least.
・(Suzuki committee member) want to think about the future.
  →(the secretariat) All right.
・(Chairperson Shinohara) management type final disposal site is ken personally in conditions to lack by the end of 2005
                      We think that setup of uchikai is slow. Perform recycling and discharge restraint enough, of existing facility
                      Life extension must think about becoming.
  →(the secretariat) It takes around five years after place was decided when we say in example of other prefectures about construction of facility
                        We win. When decision of place takes 10-20 years when selected immediately
                        But, there is. It is difficult work, but wants to be able to go ahead immediately.
・(star child committee member) what would do after disposal ground became full?
  →(the secretariat) It is necessary for there to perform recycling and discharge restraint inside the frame of current law. In addition, it is city
                        We may have you enter facility of municipalities.
・(Chairperson Shinohara) have no room time.
・(star child committee member) if public participation facility is done, what would private processing supplier do?
  →(the secretariat) We do not suppress private business by public participation. Participation facility public as for the private processing supplier
                        We can do business even if we can do it.
・(Egoe committee member) private processing supplier is the community in being in danger of bankruptcy if management is long, and objection of inhabitants happening
                      It was said that we established facility by participation. Existing supplier runs for a long term and builds trust
                      We run facility. When we do public participation and fan private anxiety and press private enterprise
                      Wrong. You must have you do at least public participation complimentarily. Public participation
                      Nobody thinks that we have facility in 2005, 2006. Participation public as the industry
                      Thinking that this is unavoidable, but utilizing private technique, and not suppressing private business
                     Think. If the community establishes facility, inhabitants may object. kankyoritsuken
                     You should think about environmental industry of new form if you express. It is problem that is difficult even if we make whichever
                     We give node, wisdom of all and want to think.
  →(the secretariat) Private management type final disposal site thinks that it is dangerous that civilian installs as the prefecture
                        There is not. As the real question with such an anxiety it means. The relationship between private enterprise is place
                        In being hard to say while place is not decided, but utilizing know-how of private processing supplier
                        We are doing.
・(Chairperson Shinohara) do not press person of private processing. Facility dea where public participation facility is different from conventional facility
                      We want this. We do not make the same if existing facility. It is secretariat nihayo in being valuable opinion
                      We make roshikuo wish.
・(bank committee member) lack management type final disposal site. Civilian does it as business, as business nari
                  ri stands. Is there not private movement? In addition, inning ends; and management period is moa for 10-20 years
                  Can it manage facility ruga, that, meanwhile, there is not income?
  →(the secretariat) There is expansion program of private processing supplier, but there is not new location now. But it is plan dori
                       It is unclear whether this can do it. Maintenance of management period is open in disposal ground
                       There is maintenance savings system to pool income between ru.
・(jofuiin), anyway, construction takes period. Disposal ground of Kumamoto-shi considerably worked, too. It is ka ta in three years
                      You do, and can you do it? Even if the municipalities handle industrial waste; to anywhere room
                      Is there? Part of filler needs backup of existing supplier.
・(Chairperson Shinohara) this review meeting is place of proposed site examination, but, as well as that, examine every thing
                      Want to do. Life extension of existing disposal ground, backup of company are necessary.
・(Egoe committee member) there is industrial waste bad person theory. Instruction theory of media is not appreciated. Facility is necessary for disposal of waste
                      Financing facilities are necessary for that purpose that there is. It is not only Department of Environment and Residential Life in the prefecture either,
                      You put other parts and should consider.
  →(the secretariat) Industrial waste tax is considered, but think about environmental industrial upbringings as the purpose now
                        Need. In addition, namo immediate as for the industrial waste in life including the dismantling waste of sludge and house of the sewer
・(Chairperson Shinohara) please explain standard about location of disposal facility.
  →(the secretariat) We establish standard about location of disposal facility in the industrial waste instruction summary. ji
                        It is private hodokoshi*ritsu for consideration to zenkankyo, consideration to disaster and disaster prevention, consideration to tap water sources
                        In the case of the ground, we instruct.

About the choice method of site proposed for 3 construction
・(Chairperson Shinohara) is there thing to be able to move in regulated area of the first stage?
  →(the secretariat) It is not that location is absolutely not okay in all laws. The procedure top receives permission
                        You should adopt procedure such as doing application to reject. But, in fact of operation of each law, it is admitted
                        This may not have.
・(the infield committee member) is to make on-site inspection at the third stage, but is clause in end-point of the third stage more
                      Do you put eyes?
  →(the secretariat) Insufficient part has opinion and wants to be able to enter.
・(star child committee member) can more than ten do on-site inspection at the third stage, too?
  →(the secretariat) We do on-site inspection at the secretariat. We want to report the investigation situation in review meeting.
・(Chairperson Shinohara) it may be necessary to watch review meeting to some extent if narrow down.
・(the infield committee member) even if relations of the animals and plants look at one time of field, do not know. We cannot investigate when we do not take several years. Fruit
                      We cannot but do it by past data qualitatively.
  →(the secretariat) Maximum information deyarita which we finally perform assessment, but can collect at review meeting
・(Chairperson Shinohara) living thing has various things. Thought that infelicity excludes clearly is ryo
                      i. Place to choose disappears when we make severe from the beginning.
・(the infield committee member) laws and regulations-like thing is good, but other what is problem. The animals and plants are past data
                      We do not know.
・(Chairperson Shinohara) want to examine the point by seminar. Is this all right for indication method? There is proposed site
                      If degree appears, we ask the secretariat for enlarged picture. 
・(Kawano (reason) committee member) how many final disposal sites make?
  →(the secretariat) It is a custom to choose from 3 to 5, but does not decide whether you make how many at present.
                       It is up to security capacity of proposed site.
・(Kawano (reason) committee member) how many final disposal sites are in the prefecture?
  →(the secretariat) It is five places, wastes final disposal site of the local government in management type final disposal site of private processing supplier
                        There is this 10 or more.
・(Chairperson Shinohara) think that disperse when think about transportation cost, and should have established facility. Come very much most in private enterprise
                      How long is facility?
  →(the secretariat) It is 660,000m3.
・(Tanaka committee member) when see in this figure, there seem to be many mountains, but how about relations with neighboring prefecture? Water is the prefecture of the neighbor
                     It spreads in this.
  →(the secretariat) There are not data of other prefectures, but wants to consider if proposed site remains at prefectural border.
・(Chairperson Shinohara) would like the relationship between neighboring prefecture carefully.
・(Kawano (ki) committee member) should we think about white area of drawing? Not only owned by a prefecture place but also the municipalities
                              You should add the existence ground.
  →(the secretariat) We will look for from basically white area, but want to look for widely from public land.
・(Chairperson Shinohara) when do attend review meeting as materials?
  →(the secretariat) We are thinking with the third review meeting.
・(Chairperson Shinohara) begin to be, and does proposed site ten have good requirements in this? We investigated capacity of proposed site at around 500,000m3
                      itoiu meaning.
  →(the secretariat) It is not less than 500,000m3 very much and wants to perform.
・(the infield committee member) what is disposal ground of the sea surface?
  →(the secretariat) We close part of sea and bury waste. If water level rises, we treat water and exhaust
                        It is structure.
・(the infield committee member) does processing water exhaust to the sea?
  →(the secretariat) That's right.
・(Chairperson Shinohara) when establish facility, the sea is higher in cost.
  →(the secretariat) We think that it takes 2-3 times of the land.
・(star child committee member) is thinking about the purchase costs of land? In addition, in the case of the land, is effluent standard of exudation water same? 
  →(the secretariat) It is comparison only for construction costs. Effluent standard of exudation water is jidea basically with the land, the sea
・(Chairperson Shinohara), actually, become stricter than standard of law to conclude environmental conservation agreements with hometown. The sea
                      As there is fishery right, we are particularly strict.
・(Shimada committee member), in the case of 500,000m3, does proposed site become three places?
  →(the secretariat) Exactly like that.
・(bank committee member) how does the discharge situation every area of management type waste turn out?
  →(the secretariat) As for the management type waste, is exhausted 74 1,000t in the prefecture, the breakdown is Kumamoto-shi 12 1,000t, the north ground of the prefecture
                        It becomes level 19 1,000t, south 42 1,000t of the prefecture.

Meeting materials
                     6 maps (note) 
                       (1)The situation (the north area of the prefecture) of regulated areas in the first stage
                       (2)The situation (the south area of the prefecture) of regulated areas in the first stage 
                        (note), about map of (1) - (2), omit by relations of file capacity.
                           Person that reading is hoped for can look at in the prefectural office information plaza (new building 1F).

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