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Amakusa story

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Scenery photograph

 Jurisdiction is blessed with natural scenery, European medieval culture and many tourist attractions including history of Christian. We introduce scenery of such an agar-agar only a little here.
Five bridge Shigeru skewer beach
It is Itsutsubashi, Amakusa linking Amakusa Islands to triangle peninsula of the Kyushu mainland. Rias coast and Kojima scatter and are chosen as 100 selections of ways of Japan. Beach that there is many is full of tourists. There is beach to see beautiful sandy beach and the sea with high transparency, laying eggs of sea turtle.
The West Coast Oe Lord of Heaven temple
The Amakusa West Coast facing the East China Sea is one of 100 selections of Japanese setting suns where the setting sun setting in the horizon is seen in. Culture where we stay in the stage of Amakusa, revolt of Shimabara that is famous for Shirou Amakusa and the ground where it was, and Christian continued protecting faith still lives.
Ushibuka Haiya Seafood

The source of national folk song of Haiya line and Ushibuka Haiya clause and Haiya dance that are said. From a certain vigor knob arrived at by traffic of ship, history that prospered as big fishing port is felt.

Photo courtesy: Amakusa-shi government office business and industry Tourism Division

From sashimi, sushi, foods grilled with salt and deep-fried food of local natural live fish to fault kashigi, it is quite no luxury at time to eat while hearing fragrance and the sound of the sea breaking on the shore of the sea.

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