Summary of Ichifusa dam

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Summary and purpose of Ichifusa dam

1 summary

 Ichifusa dam assumes flood control main purpose as one of part of the Kuma River overall development and is generation and so-called multipurpose dam irrigating in addition. The former Ministry of Construction cast time of seven years from 1953 to 1960 and enormous sum of about 3.8 billion yen (in those days) for construction and was performed. Kumamoto manages from May, 1961.

About 2 flood control

 In storing water capacity (altogether 40.2 million cubic meters) born by setting of dam, we have free space as flood control capacity in the upper part and temporarily save running water by flood control.
 Quantity of plan flood in dam point is 1,300 cubic meters per second, but as we regulate this case 650 cubic meters per second, we will store half of quantity of water to flow into dam and will plan reduction, prevention of damage by, therefore, downstream flood.

About 3 generation

 In the best power station in Ichifusa of Kumamoto Public Enterprise Bureau founded by construction of dam and the second power station, we perform maximum generation output 15,100kw, generation of 2,300kw each. Generation electric energy changes at rainy age, little age, but supplies electric energy of an average of about 50 million a year kwh.

About 4 irrigation

 We supply agriculture water to rice fields of about 3,570 hectares of the whole area in southern Kuma. We drift to rice field through irrigation canal called Kono groove and 100 Taro grooves where water which we used in generation was prepared into in the Edo era. We supply water stored in dam and, at the time of shortage of water with a little rain in particular, contribute to reduction of damage of shortage of water.

Specifications of reservoir and dam

 Reservoir of Ichifusa dam and specifications such as size of dam are as follows.
Specifications of reservoir and dam
Dam summary Water system name   The Kuma River Specifications of reservoir Catchment area (kilometer square meter) 157.8
River name   The Kuma River Flooding area (kilometer square meter) 1.65
Position   Mizukami-mura, Kuma-gun Total storing water capacity (1,000 ㎥) 40,200
Purpose   F, N, P Valid storing water capacity (1,000 ㎥) 35,100
Specifications of dam Model   Gravity-type concrete Flood control capacity (1,000 ㎥) 6,300 (from October 21 to June 10)
The amount of bank (m) 78.5 8,500 (from June 11 to July 21)
    (from October 1 to October 20)
Mayor of bank top (m) 258.5 18,300 (from August 1 to September 30)
Bank volume (㎥) 312,466 Electrical generation capacity (1,000 ㎥) 28,800
Surcharge water level (m) 283.0 River improvement Plan rise of a river flow rate (㎥/s) 1,300
It is always water level (m) 279.0 Plan discharge quantity (㎥/s) 650
The minimum water level (m) 249.0 Flood flow rate (㎥/s) 300
      Burden rate The community (%) 84.4
      Generation (%) 15.6



Position figure of Ichifusa dam


The present situation of Ichifusa dam

 Sacred mountain "Mt. Ichifusa" rising as background of Ichifusa dam is snowcapped at every invasion of cold wave and can see beautiful figure.
 In spring, 10,000 cherry blossoms around dam lake flower and are full of many tourists.

Access to Ichifusa dam


■The time required: Airplane in the case of the use

 From Aso Kumamoto Airport, it is about 2 hours 30 minutes by rent-a-car and taxi. (a part, use of expressway)


■The time required: Train in the case of the use

 Kumamoto Station - Hitoyoshi Station (JR Hisatsu Line) ... ..., about 1 hour 30 minutes

 Hitoyoshi Station - Yunomae Station (kumagawa railroad) ... ... about 40 minutes

 It is about ten minutes by taxi or bus from Yunomae Station


■The time required: Car in the case of the use

 From JR Kumamoto Station from ..., about 2 hours 30 minutes (a part, use of expressway) Hitoyoshi I.C ..., about one hour

 From Kumamoto-shi ..., about two hours (a part, use of expressway)     From JR Hitoyoshi Station ..., about one hour



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