House | of all Aso-Uchinomaki Onsen Kumamoto art police 2014 international symposium in Asia

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 House | of all Aso-Uchinomaki Onsen HOME-FOR-ALL IN ASO UCHINOMAKI HOT SPRING

 Uchinomaki hot spring which is located in the quiet countryside among Mt. Aso five and outer rims of a volcanic crater. Aso hot spring Hospital running medical care and settlement in the center plans "rehabilitation facility belonging to hot spring attaching "house of all" built in Aso" as place where local resident can usually interchange.
We held design competition targeting at Asia and students of Kyushu.
This space surrounded by hospital or nursing care centers is expected that it is in open space to be next to in the future and symbolic space that we unified as well as utilization at the time of disaster.






●Building summary
Student team of Yonsei Univ. (Korea) and Kyushu University chosen by international student competition of 2014 in Asia designed in cooperation with local drawing office.
Based on concept to "surround various space on big roof" that was common to 2 teams, we repeat the business-based hospital side and exchange of opinions and do with plan that considered convenience and universal design in the real spot and will finally hang big gabled roof on dart shape flight of wild geese-shaped plane.
Some small rooms were bought as rehabilitation facility, but aimed at being connected under big roof as "house of all" while they were divided. Providing such as house where we made use of feel of a material of kitchen and tree of house of all to be able to look around from rehabilitation room in created places where it was easy to get close to for anyone and thought that it was a chance to raise motivation of user who faced rehabilitation that was conscious of everyday life.
In addition, we created various places that facility user and local residents including footbath and hill of lawn gathered by outer wall which had dart shape flight of wild geese and irregular under the eaves space that big deck made, and could interchange.
In April, 2016 when is on the verge of the start of construction, Kumamoto earthquake occurs. However, we could start construction by strong-willed will of the person concerned, and students produced footbath by oneself and performed lawn tension.
We will expect that it is in support of local resident in future while this facility is utilized as "family of all" in various scenes.

●Building data
House of all name Aso-Uchinomaki Onsen
Location 1105-1, Uchinomaki, Aso-shi
House of use care for the elder healthcare facility, all main
Business-centered medical corporation corporation Sakanashi society
Designer JUWANKIM+TAEKMINKIM+DEOKHWAJEON+HYUNGCHULLEE+JIEUNKIM+ Akito Doi + Kiyotaka Maeda + hometown sanae + Kuon Ida +LUCIEVILLAIS+ ta**keijimusho
Builder Hashimoto Kensetsu
5,851.75 square meter of plottage
242.85 square meters of building area
A total of 199.77 square meters in area
Number of floors the first floor of the ground
Structure wooden construction
Outside finish flat siding-clad + acrylic lysine air blast
Construction period from May, 2016 to November, 2016
Total construction cost 46 1 million yen


●Architect profile

Kyushu University Graduate School human being environment academic center space system specialty
It is hometown sanae, Kuon Ida, LUCIEVILLAIS, Akito Doi, Kiyotaka Maeda (from the left)




Yonsei Univ. (Korea)



Progress report


We performed footbath production & turf-clad workshop of house of all Aso-Uchinomaki Onsen!

Student of Kyushu University and Yonsei Univ. which this project was "international student design competition that we held in 2014 in Asia", and won the highest award of Korea ※But, we were in charge of design in cooperation with ta**keijimusho (Kumamoto-shi). ※Member of society comes now, too.

In this workshop, all of winning the competition highest award that student and university were graduated from had you rush from Korea or Tokyo and it lasted for two days of October 29 and 30 and performed production and turf tension of footbath.

On the first day, we took off concrete form of footbath and painted with waterproofing mortar and planted hedera (ivy) under the eaves. Particularly, by waterproofing mortar coat of footbath, we had a hard fight for combination of mortar and plasterer work using iron, and work continued until positive was sunk.

On the second day, we buried continuance of waterproofing mortar coat and gravel of footbath floor and performed turf tension of courtyard.

It was workshop which international atmosphere was rich in because it swelled like class reunion very as members at the time of competition two years ago gathered and had you participate in four foreign students of Kyushu University. We were working and had users of love, life Uchinomaki come with house staff, and completion seemed to be waited expectantly for saying what "we used is a pleasure".

Users can see state sat in a happy circle while remaining outward appearance construction planning completion at the end of this month, and looking at turf of one side to continue to forest where green is rich in around footbath of natural hot spring of hospital pride.











Construction of "house of all" goes ahead through art police participation project love, life Uchinomaki!

Construction advances from the ground-breaking ceremony of May 17 smoothly for early three months.

Opening-like view from rehabilitation room worked on powerful roof by the 91st project business of art police as the enlargement construction of care for the elder healthcare facility ahead of "house of all" where "house of all" was maintaining this love, life Uchinomaki characterizing design now in temporary housing housing complex.

As we had comment from Katsuki Iwamoto of Hashimoto Kensetsu (Oguni-machi, Aso-gun) where construction is in charge of, we introduce.
 We started construction from June 17 and, after columnar improved construction, plucking a root construction, foundation work, performed wooden how to build from August 8. Although we were worried on torsion roof, we advanced smoothly and were completed to the roof groundwork on August 10. We sandwiched Bon vacation and we started roof construction from August 17 and have finished almost covering. Quarter strut possesses, and the floor groundwork is completed, and internal wooden product construction is in a condition to be able to image external form of building, internal state concretely now.

 Construction of special roof shape went well from estimate stage, or there was concern, but was able to finish how to build smoothly thanks to factory which precuted which could cope with special wooden construction architecture for large section material. We think that it is gift of effort of the person concerned engaged in in our article from plan stage.
 We finish and will move to construction in future. Go ahead through examination while giving ideas with supervisor, relations supplier as we finish, and wiring, the plumbing of facilities will be exposed in construction as much as there is not ceiling in particular, and consideration to design becomes important and think that we want to do with building appropriate for name of "house of all".

Thank you for your Iwamoto comment.

It is design having you feel ease and beauty that wood has love, life Uchinomaki toward let alone usability of user assuming "house of all" being rehabilitation facility.

Based on experience and technique of many people concerned, we examine ideas to put the presentation within technique and budget to make form and, including Hashimoto Kensetsu, have you suggest, and construction is advancing.

This "house of all" clogged up with thought and idea of "all" much is going to be completed in around November. Don't miss it!

[love, life Uchinomaki "house of all"]
Business owner: Medical corporation corporation Sakanashi society
Designer: International student design competition best prize winner (Yonsei Univ. +9 states University) + ta**keijimusho in Asia
Builder: Hashimoto Kensetsu
The location: 1105-1, Uchinomaki, Aso-shi
Structure, number of floors: Wooden construction, one-storied house
Total floor area: 199.77 square meters



Kumamoto art police 2014 international symposium in Asia


Decision (H27.2.3) of the highest award prize winner

About "Kumamoto art police international student design competition that carried out public examination on Saturday, November 29, last year in Asia", we decided the highest award of overseas section, country section.

As the Toyoo Ito judge head was absent from in the public examination, based on the situation (recording data) of entry and exhibition examination, Ito judge length examined for the last time and, after the public examination, decided the highest award.

■The overseas section highest award

Work name :IN-BETWEEN HOUSE/ aidanoie

Team name: ONSAEMIRO

Large scientific name :Yonsei University (Korea)


■The domestic section highest award

Work name :We gather in hill

Team name: Kyushu University D

Large scientific name :Kyushu University (Fukuoka)



<< list of prize winners >>

PDF Award for excellence (foreign countries, the country) We open with the other window(PDF: 3.05 megabytes)

PDF Special Recognition Award (abroad) We open with the other window(PDF: 3.4 megabytes)

The held situation (H26.11.29-30) of "Kumamoto art police 2014 international symposium in Asia"

Saturday, November 29

 International symposium in Asia

 ・International student design competition public examination
 ・Panel discussion

 Venue: Kumamoto prefectural government office administration ridge Main Building large meeting room under the ground
 The number of the participants: 253 (shoot 28 participants from foreign countries)

Sunday, November 30

 Visit to Kumamoto art police bus tour
 The number of the participants: 70 (shoot 27 participants from foreign countries)


International student design competition examination result

As the Ito judge head (Commissioner Kumamoto art police) was absent from, by three judges, we chose award for excellence 2 work, Special Recognition Award 3 work in each section of overseas section and domestic section.
In addition, we will decide the highest award of each section after examination of the Ito judge head in future.

■The application situation
 Overseas section: 5 works (Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, China, Korea)
 Domestic section: 28 works (the prefecture 17 work, outside the prefecture 11 work)

■Examination result
<overseas section>
◎Award for excellence
 ◆Gadjah Mada University (Indonesia)
  Work name: File House [other file/412KB] where "Growing House" grows up

 ◆Yonsei Univ. (Korea)
  Work name: File IN-BETWEEN HOUSE/ aidanoie [other file/341KB]

◎Special Recognition Award
 ◇Chulalongkorn University (Thailand)
  Work name: File Walk The Line, Talk The Line [other file/377KB]

 ◇National Chiao Tung University (Taiwan)
  Work name: File Komorebi Bark House [other file/335KB]

 ◇Tongji University (China)
  Work name: File A Tadpole [other file/433KB]

Overseas work

<domestic section>
◎Award for excellence
 ◆Kyushu University (Kyushu University D)
  Work name: File We gather in hill [other file/1.27MB]

 ◆Saga University (Soeda, time, Murakami)
  Work name: File Take Place - occurring place, suggestion - [other file/1.17MB] of borderland

◎Special Recognition Award
 ◇Kumamoto University (Matsuo)
  Work name: File House [other file/1.23MB] of all of three roofs

 ◇Kyushu University (Kyushu University E)
  Work name: File House [other file/1.38MB] of key parenthesis

 ◇Saga University (Fukushima)
  Work name: File "House of all" which is connected by footbathing [other file/1.25MB]

Domestic work

Design of symposium, visit bus tour

SHINPO scenery
Visit bus tour

International student competition summary


Kumamoto art police 2014 international symposium in Asia
International student design competition offer essential point (domestic student section extract)
1 problem
 Spa Rehabilitation Annex with Home for All in Aso
 Hot spring rehabilitation facility which attaches "house of all" standing in Aso
2 summaries
○ Sponsorship Kumamoto art police 2014 international symposium true ⾏ Committee in Asia
○ Schedule
 Application essential point distribution (2014) Wednesday, July 30 ...
 Visit to the first field society Saturday, August 23
 Visit to the second field society Wednesday, September 3
 Application deadline Monday, November 17
○International symposium in Asia
Part 1 exhibition examination Saturday, November 29
    ○ Overseas student section
    ○ Domestic student section
Part 2 panel discussion
3 judges
 Judge ⻑ Toyoo Ito (Commissioner Kumamoto art police, architect)
 Judge Hideaki Katsura (adviser at Kumamoto art police, architect, Associate Professor at Kumamoto University)
      Kaori Suehiro (adviser at Kumamoto art police, architect, Associate Professor at Kyushu University)
      Masashi Sogabe (adviser at Kumamoto art police, architect, Kanagawa ⼤ studies professor)
4 qualifications
○Being student who is in graduate school, university, higher vocational school, vocational training school in Kyushu.
In addition, all the members of team satisfy the above when we apply by team.
○Being able to participate in public examination.
5 design conditions
○Site: The Uchinomaki, Aso-shi, Kumamoto ground ※Site shape, the neighboring situation is cf. attached sheet 1
○Scales: A total of around 180 square meters in area ※It is said that 20% of increase and decrease is possible.
     Number of floors the first floor of the ground ※Some the second floor is possible, too, and structure is wooden ※Blend structure is possible, too
○*yoshoshitsu: About 60 square meters of rehabilitation rooms, hot spring bathroom about 40 square meters, apodyterium about 20 square meters, Western style restroom two, multipurpose restroom three
About 40 square meters of houses of all ※Please set mini-kitchen, Western style restroom one, tatami mat space (4.5-8 tatami), earthen floor or other entrances freely.
○ Others: Roofed passage connecting buildings connecting "love, life Uchinomaki" and this facility designs care ⽼⼈ healthcare facility in addition and expects suggestion such as corridors which the corridor ties other facilities and open spaces to. ※We do not include corridor in scale.
Please plan so that relationship with neighboring facilities (hospital, nursing care center) images.
○ Special mention: The ground is good, and top and bottom ⽔ way, electricity are completely equipped.
Construction costs, please assume upper limit 40 million yen (they remove corridor part.) including costs of equipment.
※We set all other than the condition mentioned above freely and decide to be good. We demand suggestion becoming sustainable building in consideration for universal design not temporary construction thing.
Offer essential point

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