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About ordinance-designated city system

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About ordinance-designated city system

 About "ordinance-designated city" which has necessary authority and resources most in performing inhabitants service in the basic local government (the municipalities) which is the most familiar to inhabitants, we introduce about the system and ordinance-designated city and effect when it was.

In addition, apply casually as you explain ordinance-designated city system to citizens of the prefecture by prefectural officials home delivery of cooked foods lectures directly.

About ordinance-designated city system

On earth how is ordinance-designated city?

About effects of ordinance-designated city

Various exceptions are established in ordinance-designated city, and the following effect is anticipated each.

About appointment requirements, designated procedure for ordinance-designated city

Who appoints how?

The national situation

On earth how many ordinance-designated cities are there in the whole country?

About the need of ordinance-designated city

Ordinance-designated city is required in Kumamoto.

Symposium for ordinance-designated city realization

We held symposium to have many citizens of the prefecture understand system or effect of ordinance-designated city in cooperation with Kumamoto-shi or local business group in Kumamoto, and to plan improvement of feeling for ordinance-designated city realization.
(November 25, 2007 holding)

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Kumamoto ordinance-designated city Q&A

As "we understood though we hear in recent news well, we do not know well."
"What changing if it becomes ordinance-designated city"
"Kumamoto-shi that is why aims at ordinance-designated city"
"We explain for nadono question clearly.

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