Summary of financing facility for medium and small-sized businesses

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In this page, we show contents of system.


(new) Intend toward the company which sales decrease under the influence of new coronavirus infectious disease on May 7, 2020,

    We founded "Kumamoto new model coronavirus infectious disease-response fund".

     On March 2, 2020, we added fund raising support of new coronavirus infectious disease measures.


Role of the prefecture

Structure of financing


Financing qualification

  1. 1. Being small and medium sized enterprise operator running business to be targeted for guarantee of association of Kumamoto credit guarantee.

  2. 2. Running business in the prefecture.

  3. 3. Running business same as debt purpose more than one year. But case listed below is excluded.
  4.   Oh, when or person within one year borrows before founding money for Kumamoto founder support fund after the founding
  5.   When or Kumamoto new business deployment support fund or Kumamoto management innovation is support fund, and person within one year borrows before i new business development money after the new business development
  6.   When person within one year borrows money for Kumamoto business successor support fund after the cormorant business succession
  7.       Oh, when person running business same as debt purpose more than March borrows money for Kumamoto finance facilitation special fund pertaining to new coronavirus infectious disease in 2020

4. Do not receive disposition by suspension of business of the handling financial institution.

5. There not being claim for compensation debt by subrogation for association of credit guarantee.

6. There not being nonpayment about prefectural tax that deadline came.

7. Corresponding to financing qualification to set of other financing facility essential points.



System summary

1. System design

 The prefecture makes basic frame of financing facility in consultation with related organizations.

2. Deposition to financial institution

 Financing facility of the prefecture deposits fund of the prefecture in financial institution to assume fixation, low interest basics for long term.

3. Loss compensation to association of credit guarantee

 When return is delayed, and default on an obligation accrues, association of credit guarantee has subrogation in financial institution. The prefecture loses a part of the burden on association of credit guarantee of this time and indemnifies.

4. Guarantee charge assistance to association of credit guarantee

 The prefecture assists some trust guarantee charges to reduce burden on small and medium sized enterprise operator.


The handling financial institution

Dr. Higo Bank, Kumamoto Bank, Kumamoto Shinkin Bank, Kumamoto first credit association, Kumamoto center credit association, Amakusa credit association, Kumamoto credit union, Kumamoto credit union, Shoko Chukin Bank, Mizuho Bank, Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking, Resona Bank, Bank of Fukuoka, Nishi-Nippon City Bank, Ltd., Kagoshima Bank, Minami-Nippon Bank, Nagasaki Bank, Kitakyusyu Bank, Howa Bank, Yokohama good luck Bank credit union, OITA BANK, Eighteenth Bank, Miyazaki Bank



System essential point, operation, style


Each notice of fund

In the prefecture, we make various financing facilities depending on purpose. For more details, please see page of each financing facility.



◆(NEW) When sales decrease under the influence of new coronavirus infectious disease, and fund is needed

 →   New coronavirus infectious disease correspondence fund (PDF: 351.2 kilobytes) We open with the other window


◆ When we want to improve fund raising by sales decrease
 (there is for new coronavirus infectious disease measures)
 (there is financing for Kumamoto earthquake damage companies such as group subsidy bridging finance)
◆ When, in that received prefectural system financing for Kumamoto earthquake, we want to reduce return burden on by unification of debt in month
◆ When fund is needed for remodeling of facility, the stocking of products
◆ When fund is needed for small proprietor
 (there is loan for Kumamoto earthquake damage companies)
◆ When we work on specific business that the prefecture sets
◆ Time to start business newly (it started)
◆ When business capital for management power reinforcement is needed


◆ Time to perform business succession (we went)

◆ When short-term operating funds are needed

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