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History of landslide measures business

 With landslide, land on the slippery range of clay is phenomenon to move by phenomenon that begins to move under the influence of ascents of groundwater caused by the rain slowly as far as gentle slope is wide.
 Collapse speed is slower than landslide, but big thing of scale generally grows.
 Landslides in 1958 promote business with prevention enactment, and, about landslide measures business of this prefecture, they continue up to the present day by state subsidy business founded in 1952.
 A great variety of landslide mechanism such as crush obi material sliding along tectonic line, hot spring resort sliding to scatter in Tertiary period layer landslide to be distributed around Amakusa Islands, prefectural Kita Onsen zone is distributed, and, in the prefecture, there are 110 (as for inner 107 1998 public announcement level) landslide black spots for Usuki -8 generations to cross central part to east and west.

Photograph of Shirose, Uto-shi district landslide
         Shirose, Uto-shi district


The maintenance situation of landslide black spot in the prefecture

 It has been maintained prevention of landslide facility in landslide black spot in the prefecture at the end of 2007, and point is 56 places, and, as for the maintenance rate, it is in about 51%.

Summary of landslide measures business

 As measures construction for prevention of landslide occurrence, there is *doko removing wide bowling mechanic and shusuiiko which digs well, and gathers groundwater, and drains of water, waterway mechanic who gathers before rainwater soaks underground, and drains outside district and pile driving mechanic controlling landslide lump of clay directly, landslide lump of clay which insert drainage pipe directly, and drain away groundwater from the surface of the earth in the prefecture.
 In addition, in house crowd zone and adjacent landslide district, we act for protection of human life, property as enough safe security is difficult only by measures with conventional hardware while enhancement of landslide monitoring facilities and the caution evacuation system considers measures of software aspect.

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Department of Civil Engineering Erosion Control Division
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