We performed the seventh authorization of leading upbringing company and sub reading upbringing company!

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 In this prefecture, we support the high prefecture medium and small-sized business of growth possibility after authorization for rise in Kumamoto economy generally and continuously as upbringing company and carry out business to bring up to leading company bringing about high added value.
 We authorized three leading upbringing companies and one sub reading upbringing company more newly as follows. As a result, the number of the past authorized enterprises became 48 companies in total.
 We will carry out chief support by support teams in future and, in authorized company, support growth.


Leading upbringing company, sub reading upbringing company seventh authorization
Division Company name

The location
The municipalities

Theme of growth plan
Leading upbringing Soil and rubber (*) Kashima-machi Development and industrialization of acoustic absorption flooring "rurie rag" which the world's first person (thing) can get on
Leading upbringing The big bio Uki-shi Mold processing, prevention of infectious disease, improved development of product of the quality of the water purification with high effect
Leading upbringing kabushikikaishahojumokuen (*) Koshi-shi Construction of mass stable production of pupa bamboo mushrooms system utilizing factory anniversary no bacteria sericulture technology
Sub reading upbringing Wisteria proof Natl. Col. Tech. Kumamoto-shi Competitiveness, management reinforcement by high efficiency, value-added improvement of main duties by fusion of hardware and software
* It is step-up from sub reading upbringing company to leading upbringing company

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Department of Commerce, Industry, Tourism and Labour Industrial Support Division
Telephone: 096-333-2319
Fax: 096-384-5385
Email sangyoshien@pref.kumamoto.lg.jp
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