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Setting of Fire Fighters' Academy

Based on regulations of firefighting Organization Acts Article 51, we let staff of fire station of the prefecture municipalities and member of firefighting team recognize duty of firefighting definitely and we measured maintenance of knowledge, technical acquirement and rules and increase of physical strength and had and we acted and were installed in uplift of personality for the purpose of planning improvement of the duties performancer.


Organization of Fire Fighters' Academy

Organizational chart of Fire Fighters' Academy

The history of Fire Fighters' Academy

  We open Kumamoto firefighting training school in 1-18-2, Kuhonji, Kumamoto-shi, association of Kumamoto firefighting in April, 1950

  We install Kumamoto Fire Fighters' Academy (56 seating capacities) in 5-16-38, Yokote, Kumamoto-shi in October, 1963

              (by partial revision of the firefighting Organization Acts, Fire Fighters' Academy becomes duty setting organization of the prefecture)

  Move (108 seating capacities) new in April, 1981 in 2167, Soryo, Mashiki-machi, Kamimashiki-gun

              (in response to remarkable change of progress and firefighting circumstances of social conditions, to plan improvement of firefighting education appropriate for modern firefighting)

  11 staff of first designation department woman fire station enter a school for the first time in April, 1989

  We install emergency ridge to plan full reinforcement of emergency education in April, 1994

  We start prefectural school, the public school first designation person training (new hiring teacher) in July, 2007

  The member of October, 2012 firefighting team woman member department foundation

  We carry out the defending member training by staff of fire station special education in June, 2018

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Department of General Affairs Fire Fighters' Academy
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