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Let's play with KUMAMON! Project

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It is large offer da mon in participation kindergarten, nursery school☆


Offer purpose

 KUMAMON visits kindergarten and nursery school to have you feel Kumamoto to be closer in Kansai in Kumamoto and carries out project to come in contact with children.

 When even local Kumamoto of KUMAMON visits kindergarten and nursery school, voice "that "fun" wants to see again" is asked by children, and it is in memory part made of children.

 In this occasion by all means "let's play with KUMAMON! Please apply for project.


Visit summary

◎We visit in KUMAMON and older sisters (1 to 2 persons) of KUMAMON corps!

◎In the case of visit, we carry out program as follows in around 30 minutes!

 ・"KUMAMON touch", it is exercises using music such as "KUMAMON exercises"

 ・Joyride in "picture kakiuta of KUMAMON" that we use exclusive paper

 ・Quiz by gesture of KUMAMON

 ・With children taking a ceremonial photograph


Offer essential point

 In request for (1) schedule (only on weekdays), you specify (2) kindergarten, nursery school name, the (3) location, the (4) number of participants, person in charge of (5) name, (6) phone number, and please subscribe for application sheet by FAX or mail to the following address.


 About application, it is limited toward the staff of kindergarten, nursery school by all means.

[visit prediction areas]

 It is limited to the Osaka and suburbs area. (a radius of 50km range around Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi)

 ※Please consult about other areas individually.

[application paper]

 Please utilize the following application paper.



◎After having had application about schedule, we adjust by this meeting with the staff. (when we have a large number of application for the pressure, KUMAMON, please note that we may close thing and offer not to attach in schedule you like)

◎Visit expense, appearance expense include, and, about expense, they are free in principle. (when we use toll parking lot at the time of visit, we may have you bear only parking fee.)

◎About safety, you perform performance after consideration enough, but, except injury, accident by intention, please note that you cannot take responsibility.


Application address/reference

The KUMAMON corps Kansai secretariat 

TEL: 06-6377-7440

FAX: 06-7635-5732








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