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  •   Entering knowledge to Kumamoto Fire Fighters' Academy is as follows.   

    1. Student knowledge

    (1) Concentration of mind duty of student

       ・ According to instructions of staff of official regulations about educational training and school, we devote ourselves to educational training, and student must learn school mottos in mind based on Fire Fighters' Academy rule.

    (2) Maintenance of rules

     ○ A certain rules action

     ・ Student respects courtesy, and do rules group life which is.

       ・ Specialized course student act to give a good example to first designation department students during the first designation department straight entering.

      ○ Closed to the Public except meeting and the person concerned

       ・ When there is business that we cannot finish if we do not have a talk between the people concerned, as for the meeting, it is said, and meet at place that instructor appoints after accepting in office.

       ・ Entrance to school building and dormitory (we say "dormitory" as follows.) prohibits other than entering student or person concerned.

      ○ About drinking

    ・ In school, you must not drink. We cannot present jikomi.

    ・ When drinking in school or jikomito is found out, based on Fire Fighters' Academy rule Article 23, we become a target of disposal such as dismissal from school, confinement to the house, admonition.

      ○ About smoking

    ・ Perform smoking at appointed place or place with ashtray. (the dormitory gives up smoking)

    ・ You add, and do not do cigarette and walking smoking.

      ○ Others

    Do not bring appliance except thing which school permits and entertainment tool into school.

    (3) Prior instruction before entering

      ○ Prior instruction to entering student

    ・ We would like instruction on the occasion of entering by "student knowledge" for person planning entering beforehand.

    ・ When we meet staff of fire station, we recognize classification and purpose of educational training to set of educational training plan, and instruction, please to feed scholastic ability and physical strength before entering.


    2. Clothes

    (1) Staff of fire station

    ○ The whole

    ・ Designated, belonging is right as staff of fire station, and uniform and activity clothes wear, and try for maintenance of dignity.

    ・ During wearing period of uniform, we assume wearing period of the belonging firefighting headquarters, and first designation department student sets particularly.

      In addition, we may order depending on climate separately.

      ○ Instructions at the time of wearing such as uniforms

       ・ When you take class in classroom, you should be uniform wearing, and put name card (you prepare at school), badge of rank (the first designation department unnecessary).

    ・ Shirt of winter clothes says that white is plain, and underwear at the time of clothes and uniform wearing is white plain fabric, and it is said with U or V neck in the midsummer. (※ back print T-shirt and no sleeve prohibit.)

    ・ We grind socks with black or dark-blue. In addition, we are sloppy, and it is said that sneaker socks are impossible.

    ○ Activity clothes (working clothes)

    ・ Wear activity clothes in (when work and instructor order, you include) at the time of practical skill training.

    ・ Assume underwear of activity clothes T-shirt or long sleeves (black, dark blue).

    ・ At the time of training the outdoors, we assume helmet or cap (the first designation department gets ready at school), lace-up boots or sports shoes (or, as for the socks, dark blue black), skin gloves.

    (2) Member of firefighting team

    ○ Clothes of class

    ・ In classroom, we assume slippers (socks wearing) for training clothes, slippers.

    ・ We assume training clothes, cap, helmet, lace-ups or sports shoes, gloves (skin hand or work gloves) outdoors.

    (3) Clothes of dormitory life

    ○ Clothes in dormitory

    ・ In dormitory, wear training suit, trainer, T-shirt.

    ・ You put T-shirt in the pants, and wear socks (or dark blue black) by all means.

    ・ Clothes do not wear gorgeous thing and underwear and confusing thing.

      ○ Clothes at the time of roll call

       ・ Japan-North Korea roll call assumes training suit, cap, sports shoes (socks wearing).

       ・ Roll call assumes training suit, slippers (socks wearing) in night and day.

      ○ Clothes at the time of commuting to and from school

     Going out, staying out and clothes commuting to and from school consider maintenance of dignity as public employee.

    (prohibition such as ※ jeans, jersey)


    3. Figure

    (1) Staff of fire station

      ○ Mental attitude as student

    ・ Figure has consciousness of responsibilities as staff of fire station (public employee), and you are graceful, and keep clean.

    ・ Hair assumes short hair, and do not grow mustache and sideburns. (as for the care for nail, similar)

    ・ We prohibit wearing such as accessories in school.

      ○ About girl student

    ・ Hairstyle is short cut, or bundle up not to have problem in training when it is long.

    ・ Makeup preventing it from becoming gorgeous.


    4. Class knowledge

    (1) Knowledge when we take class in classroom

    ○ About class

    ・ Taking seat based on seating chart calmly in classroom three minutes before lecture start.

    ・ We are aware that we take class as student and lose not to make any rudeness to lecturers.

    (2) Knowledge when we take class outdoors

    ○ About class

    ・ You prepare under the conduct of person on duty before start in class and fix formation in place directed by instructors five minutes ago, and wait for posture of "it is standing in line holiday".

    ・ Without instructions, you take your hat off, and, during training, do not sit down.

       ・ Assume all the actions run basically outdoors.


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