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List of publications about crime prevention

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It is list of publications which are useful for crime prevention including flyer and brochure.

Please contact us for your inquiries such as wish to obtain to Life Safety Promotion Division traffic, living security group (096-333-2293).

★List of publications

Security/safety town development that is hard to happen of crime

Flyer (2016 version)


      Security enlightenment flyer  What will there be to push forward reliable town development by security that is hard to happen of crime? We made flyer to have image about the situation of the crime occurrence situation in the prefecture and measures to be able to work on by being immediate.
     We have you read by all means and work because we can do it, and let's push forward "town development that is hard to get up of crime" together!




     Voluntary security activity manual


    Voluntary security activity manual cover

     ... voluntary security activity without unreasonableness! Patiently!

        Without danger! It is ... in motto in this

     Purpose of voluntary security activity, basic way of thinking are made and gather up how to put up, necessities, concrete method, viewpoint, instructions clearly. It is notebook size that it is easy to carry for patrol.

     In addition, seat which is helpful to put down characteristic quickly enters when we saw unidentified people and car. As seat becomes able to separate, it can inflect for reporting to the police.

     Security handbook for elderly people


    Security handbook cover for elderly people

    In ... now, elderly person is aimed at! Elderly person

     Crime and measures ... to aim at

     We made crime prevention handbook to prevent the elderly from encountering crime damage in the prefecture, and to push forward safe, reliable town development that was hard to happen of crime.

     This handbook assumed crime that the elderly were easy to meet with and made to have you refer to in thinking about the measures.

     We would appreciate your doing to clue which thinks about safety measures in various places having family who is far, and lives at the same time to have you take opportunity of your life to review from aspect of crime prevention.

    Let's make local safe map!


    Safe map cover

    To protect ... child and area from crime; ...

    It is leaflet which commented on making procedure of "local safe map".

    With local safe map, the children walks attending school roads, and crime gathers up dangerous place that is easy to get up on map by oneself. That discover the risk to lie hidden in area; "notice", and focus on no process, and is effective for upbringing of ability for danger evasion of the child and improvement of local crime prevention environment.

    ■Dangerous place = entering breathe; + blind spot
    ■In safe place = entering stake + vanity breathe; place


    ※By organization reorganization, section name changes at the time of making from (2007).

     Operational guideline about security camera


    Operational guideline cover

     Of security camera in consideration for ... privacy

       It is ... for operation
      In the prefecture, we promote approaches such as the spread of facilities which considered support, crime prevention to uplift of crime prevention consciousness of citizens of the prefecture and voluntary crime prevention activity in area based on "the security/safety town development regulations that crime is hard to happen" enforced in July, 2005.
      Security camera is installed as part of security measures such as commercial facilities or financial institution, parking lot voluntarily in the prefecture while we did it this way, and the spread is advancing. On the other hand, we made guideline to have you plan operation of camera which considered personal privacy protection when some said that we were concerned about invasion of privacy with security camera and installed security camera in facilities which many and unspecified used.


    ※By organization reorganization, section name changes at the time of making from (2007).


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