2014 school basics investigation

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2014 school basics findings (confirmed report)

Summary of investigation

       PDF Summary With new window(PDF: 125.2 kilobytes) of investigation

Summary of findings

       PDF Summary With new window(PDF: 947.5 kilobytes) of findings

Statistical table
 School investigation

                 Excel Kindergarten With new window(Excel: 287 kilobytes)

      Excel Elementary school With new window(Excel: 285.5 kilobytes)

        Excel Junior high school With new window(Excel: 271 kilobytes)

                 Excel High school (the full time school system, part-time schooling system) With new window(Excel: 218 kilobytes) 

      Excel High school (communication system) With new window(Excel: 55 kilobytes)

      Excel Special support school With new window(Excel: 100.5 kilobytes)

      Excel Special vocational school With new window(Excel: 88.5 kilobytes)

      Excel Vocational school With new window(Excel: 67 kilobytes)

 The situation investigation after graduation

      Excel After junior high school graduation With new window(Excel: 190.5 kilobytes)

      Excel After high school (the full time school system, part-time schooling system) graduation With new window(Excel: 206.5 kilobytes)

      Excel After high school (communication system) graduation With new window(Excel: 70.5 kilobytes)

 Nonattendance school-aged children student investigation

      Excel The nonattendance school-aged children number of students With new window(Excel: 62.5 kilobytes)

 School facility investigation

      Excel Building area, land area With new window(Excel: 41 kilobytes)

 Reference materials

      Excel Change With new window(Excel: 47 kilobytes) of the number of school classification schools and the number of the people of attendance at school

      Excel The number of school classification schools according to the municipalities With new window(Excel: 92 kilobytes)




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