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My number (social security, tax number) system begins

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My number (social security, tax number) system begins

  My number (social security, tax number) refers number of one one toward all having resident's card and manages information effectively in social security, tax, the field of anti-disaster measures and is utilized to confirm that personal information to exist to plural engines is information of identical person.
  My number promotes efficiency of administration and it is social infrastructure realizing high, fair and fair society and greatly includes convenience of the nation three for effect to be expected.

(1)  Time and labor needing for collation, posting, input of various information in administration or local public entity are largely reduced. Cooperation advances between plural duties, and procedure smoothens in accuracy.

(2)  Administrative procedure including reduction of attached documents is simplified, and burden on nation is reduced. It becomes possible to receive news of various services from confirmation and administration of own information that administration has.

(3)  It becomes easy to grasp the receipt situation of income and administrative services and avoids burden unfairly and prevents that we receive payment illegally, and people who are really in trouble come to be able to perform smooth support.



■How and when does number notify?

After this October, 12 digits of my numbers are notified by each people having resident's card. It applies to foreigners such as medium-and-long term resident or special permanent resident, too. As a general rule, "notice card" which my number was listed in to address of resident's card is sent by the municipalities. Person living in place unlike address of resident's card, please be careful.

We use my number throughout the life. As you are not changed throughout the life unless my number leaks out and might be used illegally, please value.



■What kind of scene will my number use in?

  After January, my number will be necessary by social security, tax, administrative procedure of anti-disaster measures sequentially next year (2016). For example,

(1)  When we are going to receive pension, we show my number to pension office

(2)  When we are going to receive health insurance, we show my number to health insurance union

(3)  When we take out report of present situation of children's allowance every year in June, we show my number to the municipalities

(4)  When we do final income tax return of income tax and special reconstruction income tax, we show my number to tax office

(5)  By procedure for tax and social security, we show my number to the office and financial institution

We will use this in scene which went.

We can use my number only by administrative procedure established in the regulations of law and the local government in social security, tax, anti-disaster measures.

As for the information cooperation between each engine through reporting network system, in the country, local public entity begins in after July, 2017 sequentially after January, 2017. By information cooperation, improvement in burden on people reduction including attached abbreviation such as taxation certificates at the time of application, convenience realizes.



■May we offer my number to another person?

 My number cannot provide my number to another person other than the purpose established in law without any reason. We obtain my number of another person illegally and become a target of punishment when person handling my number of another person provides specific personal information including my number to another person unfairly.



■Personal information is consolidated, and is there fear to leak out outside?

 Some raises concern that spoofing may happen with my number of another person whether personal information leaks out outside. Because relief, security uses my number, we take measures to protect personal information from both as to system and system surface.

   As protection measures of system side, we prohibit collection and storage of personal information including my number except thing with regulations for law. In addition, my number is managed appropriately or third-party organization called specific personal information protection Committee watches, and supervises. Furthermore, punitive provisions when it violated law get heavy conventionally.

  As it was said with tax office, pension office, information of tax disperse and manage information of pension as before without consolidating personal information as protection measures of system side. In addition, it limits people who can access system without using my number directly when we exchange information between administrations and encrypts when we communicate.

   In addition, my portal (reporting record disclosure system) is going to operate as means that you can confirm by yourself from January, 2017 who exchanged own personal information using reporting network system why when.


■What is personal number card usable in?

   As for the personal number card, sex and photograph of the face of the person are displayed on full name, address, the date of birth by the surface, and my number is listed in the back side. By having the municipalities apply, personal number card is going to be issued after January, 2016.

   We can use, and service that each local public entity including identification of use of library and seal registration document of the living municipalities sets in the regulations can perform various electron application including e-Tax by personal number card being available as personal status certificates for (1) identity verification, and utilizing IC tip and electronic certificate equipped with by (2) card. My number is listed on the back of the card, but please warn as it is in violation of the law except legal case to copy the back side of personal number card.

  In addition, for IC tip, electronic certificate for electronic application is recorded other than information written in face, but high personal information of privacy characteristics such as information of income or ill history is not recorded. Therefore we may not get all personal information from personal number card.



■What is corporation number?

    13 digits of corporation numbers are appointed in corporation and are opened to the public widely. Unlike personal number, it is available freely regardless of public and private sectors.



■Information more detailed about my number to my number (social security, tax number) system homepage of the Cabinet Secretariat. Call center is established, too.

   Common question (FAQ) and latest information of my number system are placed in homepage of my number (social security, tax number) system of the Cabinet Secretariat. We link to special sites such as specific personal information protection Committee, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, National Tax Agency, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. Please search with "my number".

http://www.cas.go.jp/jp/seisaku/bangoseido/index.html With new window(external link)

From October, 2014, call center of my number is established. Wanting to know person having any questions about my number and more detailed information, please feel free to contact.

Phone number 0570-20-0178 (as for the foreign language 0570-20-0291)

From establishment time weekdays 9:30 to 17:30

(in half a year from October, 2015 to March, 2016, we extend establishment time on weekdays until 20:00. Going to establish until 17:30 on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays except New Year holidays.)







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