Medium-and-long term plan [2002] about road maintenance of Kumamoto

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Medium-and-long term plan [2002] about road maintenance of Kumamoto

  PDF The main point With new window(PDF: 22.7 kilobytes) of medium-and-long term plan about road maintenance of Kumamoto


The current situation of Kumamoto in conjunction with Chapter 1 road 

 Change of 1-1PDF road maintenance and role With new window(PDF: 11.9 kilobytes) that we achieved

 Various characteristics to surround road in 1-2 Kumamoto
  (1)PDF Characteristic With new window(PDF: 51.4 kilobytes) of the topography (sei)

  (2)PDF Society, economic characteristic With new window(PDF: 283.4 kilobytes)

  (3)PDF Characteristic With new window(PDF: 147.3 kilobytes) of scenery which nature brings up

  (4)PDF Cultural characteristic With new window(PDF: 85.1 kilobytes)

  (5)PDF Natural characteristic With new window(PDF: 15.6 kilobytes)

  (6)PDF Traffic properties With new window(PDF: 109.7 kilobytes)

  (7)PDF Road characteristic With new window(PDF: 93.1 kilobytes)

 The current situation With new window(PDF: 183.6 kilobytes) of road planning in 1-3PDF Kumamoto

 Suggestion With new window(PDF: 98.5 kilobytes) for traffic facilitation of 1-4PDF Kumamoto urban area

 Summary of 1-5 Kumamoto comprehensive plan
  (1)PDF Basic aim With new window(PDF: 16.2 kilobytes)

  (2)PDF Main problems With new window(PDF: 99.5 kilobytes) that each Kumamoto prefecture sphere has


Viewpoint of Chapter 2 road maintenance

 Viewpoint With new window(PDF: 42.1 kilobytes) of road maintenance to come from main measures in 2-1PDF Kumamoto comprehensive plan

 Social problem With new window(PDF: 14.7 kilobytes) that 2-2PDF is new

 Opinion of 2-3 citizen of the prefecture
  (1) PDF Questionnaire findings With new window(PDF: 22.8 kilobytes) from citizen of the prefecture

  (2) PDF Problem With new window(PDF: 38.7 kilobytes) of road maintenance to come from citizen of the prefecture opinion

 Directionality With new window(PDF: 66.4 kilobytes) of 2-4PDF road administration
  (1) Of the future of road maintenance intend to aim
  (2) Conduct of measure to plan pursuit of efficiency, effect, securing of transparency, establishment of evaluation function
  (3) Switch to soft measure serious consideration
  (4) Road structure that was made in people, local viewpoint
  (5) To the times when maintenance is focused on



Basic policy of Chapter 3 Kumamoto road maintenance

 Idea With new window(PDF: 65.9 kilobytes) of 3-1PDF road maintenance

 Policy With new window(PDF: 145.8 kilobytes) of 3-2PDF road maintenance

 Process of 3-3PDF road maintenance With new window(PDF: 12.9 kilobytes)


Measure development of road maintenance of Chapter 4 Kumamoto

 Measure development With new window(PDF: 15.2 kilobytes) of 4-1PDF road maintenance

 Emphasis strategy With new window(PDF: 19.2 kilobytes) of 4-2PDF road maintenance

    PDF Commentary With new window(PDF: 16.3 kilobytes) of term


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