About system to protect kind

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About system to protect kind


 In Kumamoto, citrus fruits "light of manure" develops much original variety including "manure is rich" paddy-rice "Morinokumasan" igusa "hinomidori". If, moreover, Kumamoto outside the prefecture begins to flow abroad, and these kinds are cultivated, and they will be further imported into the country, there is concern about situation that the prefecture agriculture receives big blow.

 Seed and sapling is resources that are most basic and important to agricultural production, and production, distribution of seed and sapling which is excellent for development of agriculture and competition between production centers is essential.
 The seed and sapling method to protect benefit of right and grantor of person who raised new kind for a certain period of time is set to prevent encroachment of rights about such a seed and sapling.

 Based on this law, we register kind that we raised in the prefecture, but seed and sapling law is system that person of agriculture each one to use not only fosterer but also the kind, and to receive profit must protect.

  Kumamoto brings up and glances through kind with registration

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Import taboo statement of igusa "hinomidori"

 We file import taboo for the customs to protect rush production center in Kumamoto, and to prevent that tatami facing of middle domestic production "hinomidori" is imported.

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