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kenkei email BOX

kenkei mailbox

When you are accompanied by opinion, request, complaint that had you approach from all of you in the Kumamoto Police, various case information, you contact relations department and reflect for the police activity as valuable opinion, but approve about the following point.

○We are not doing contact, answer in email, document.

○As you may ask by telephone as needed, please fill in address, full name, phone number (as for the person living in foreign country contact information in Japan).

○We do not open email during Sundays and holidays and the year-end and New Year period on Saturday during until 9:00 a.m. on the next morning from 5:15 p.m. on weekdays. In the case of dispatch, please contact the Kumamoto Police headquarters (main phone number 096-381-0110).

○About urgent things such as reports of case accident, please contact the 110th or the nearest police station not email.
※Inconvenient ear and speech danger and that there is a threat, please use "the email 110th" in the body by call by sound. 

○About mediation such as products and introduction, I decline firmly.

※In the case of input, please do not use half size katakana, round letter, Foreign System Font.
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Information of customer whom you sent may not leak out outside.

 Year (half size number)
〒  ‐  (half size) Example: 860-1111
Contents of required email

Opinion, request, complaint, various information

Please fill in letter displayed by lower image. (image changes every time)

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