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Introduction of Kumamoto public peace committee member

The last update date:

    Governor of Kumamoto appoints the Public Safety Commission with the approval of prefectural assembly

    Three people whom we worked as and Mayor Kumamoto recommend with the approval of municipal assembly,

    We are comprised of two five committee members whom Governor of Kumamoto appointed in total



    Chairperson Ono Nagato (60 years old)

    Occupation private university vicepresident

    Term R2.7.2 - R5.7.1 (the second)

  Chairperson term R2.7.1 - R3.6.30


    (city recommendation) 

    History of committee member descent from a mountain Ichiro (67 years old)

    Occupation bank's consultant

    Term R2.7.1 - R5.6.30 (the second)


  (city recommendation)

    Committee member Sachiyo Hara child (70 years old)

    Occupation former public employee

    Term H30.7.1 - R3.6.30 (the third)

  Chairperson career R1.7.1 - R2.6.30    


    Committee member Takao Yamamoto (69 years old)

    Occupation former public employee

    Term H30.7.31 - R3.7.30 (the third)

    Chairperson career H25.7.1 - H27.6.30


    Committee member Kinuko Takagi (66 years old)

    Occupation lawyer

    Term R1.10.8 - R4.10.7 (the third)

    Chairperson career H29.7.1 - R1.6.30


    ※ Age as of June 1, 2020





(ID: 305)
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