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Complaint offer system

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With complaint offer system

 Person with complaint is the National Public Safety Commission rule about discharge of duties of police personnel for the Public Safety Commission

According to procedure to set, we can do proposal of complaint by document.

 The Public Safety Commission in response to this proposal handles this faithfully and we report in document and notify person of processing result.



With "complaint"

 With complaint in this system…

 ・By police personnel doing act unfair illegally in the discharge of duties, and not having done that you should do,

 For suffering some kind of disadvantages; dissatisfaction requesting the specifically correction

 ・Groan for inappropriate work of police personnel

We say this.

 It is thing pointing out inaction of police personnel about matter which cannot say that it is duty and offer people in police clearly

Complaint, proposal as generalization not to matter in this directly do not become a target of this system.


Offer method 


 Written thing
 (but we do not accept proposal by FAX and E-mail)



 We do not set in particular


The items mentioned

 Full name, address of person of 1 offer and phone number

   (when person of offer demands notice of processing result to contact information except address name, address of the contact information and phone number)

 Summary of aspect or other cases of work of the date and time, place of discharge of duties causing 2 complaint proposals and police personnel

 In contents of concrete disadvantage that person of offer suffered by discharge of duties causing 3 complaint proposals or the officiation

  Contents of dissatisfaction for aspect of work of such a police personnel

 4 signatures or sealing



 Mail : It is addressed to the Kumamoto Public Safety Commission

      (the 〒 862-8610 6-18-1, Suizenji, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi Kumamoto Police headquarters)

 Bringing : The police headquarters…To General Administration Division Public Safety Commission office

      Each police station…To General Administration Division (person in charge)

      (as a general rule, please submit within the office hours)

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