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 ☆News from gakukeiren☆
 Kumamoto schools issue "gakukeiren letter" by the police contact meeting at any time. Contents provide information that there was in season including precaution not to encounter the current situation and damage of juvenile delinquency.
 When we teach to children at school and home, please be referred to.
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February, 2017Kumamoto school, the police interconnection system 

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March, 2017

Let's protect children from cyber trouble
 110 We open with the other window(PDF: 571.2 kilobytes)July, 2018We held "student smartphone meeting"! 

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December, 2019

From the prefectural police

 Request when we cross crossing!


 119 (PDF: 1.13 megabytes) We open with the other window July, 2020We report as a result of kengakukeirenzentaikai


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