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Preventive measures against malicious business method damage

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Malicious business method image

◎ Ten vicious salesman repulse

 What does 1 want? Social position and business that bun asks for well

 Close door if you think that 2 is funny

 We are careful with such words making a profit of 3

 Supplier whom we dandle 4, and being asks a person's mind

 It is 5 courage and will say frankly

 Such a partner that 6 is heavy dials 110

 At first, it is talked without being troubled alone if 7 is at a loss

 8 signed, and closed later; is already late

 Money pays in arrears even if we do 9 contracts

It is 10 of you! Protecting own property


 The first step not to match damage such as vicious door-to-door sales is what we decline clearly without contracting easily.
 However, vicious supplier invites by "weak invitation" of every possible means.
 It is important to talk with families immediately when we thought that it is, "it is strange".
 It is quick in procedure at the earliest, and there is little damage, and recovery of damage is enabled, too.



 ◎ Imaginary request case

 We request unfamiliar pay site fee or finance credit by postcard, sealed letter, telephone, E-mail and are trick to "let you worry and pay money".

 We never call to phone number appearing in 1 postcard.

 2 is resolute manner on built telephone and we receive and hang up briefly.

 We do not tell 3 unpreparedness personal information.

 For request without 4 grounds, we never pay.

 If 5 is at a loss, we are calm and talk with consultation counter patiently without being upset.

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