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Cooling-off system

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What is cooling off system?

 If there is during period of cooling off, consumers are systems to be able to do revocation and termination of the agreement by document unconditionally for distributor.
 It is not necessary to pay the indemnity and cancelation cost to distributor then. When we have already paid down payment and application fee, we have you pay the amount. In addition, expense necessary for the taking over is all charged to distributor when we receive products.



When cooling off is made

 When law has regulations

  •  When supplier provides voluntarily
  •  When supplier adopts condition individually

When cooling off is not made

 When cooling off period has passed

  •  When we use expendable supplies such as health food, cosmetics and footwear and use a part
  •  When buyer calls salesman together and purchases
  •  When we receive product less than 3,000 yen and pay the price in full at the same time
  • Cooling off is document!

     We send postcard by simple registered mail handling or are more certain if it is contents-certified mail. 
  • Period when cooling off is made

Door-to-door sales

Cooling off is eight days from day when we were informed of that we can do it in writing

Telephone invitation sale

Cooling off is eight days from day that we receive document of being able to do it and knew

Sales in installments

It is eight days from day of notice of cooling off system

Pyramid selling
(multilevel distributionship)

It is 20 days from day of notice of cooling off system or day that is late which of day when we received products it is

The commercial law not much different from the goods

It is 14 days from day when legal contract document was issued

Foreign futures transaction

It is 14 days from the next day of basic conclusion of contract of foreign futures transaction

Residential land building transactions

It is eight days from day of notice of cooling off system

Golf course member contract

It is eight days from day when we received legal contract document

Investment advisor contract

It is ten days from day when legal contract was issued

Contract of life insurance

It is eight days from either late day with day when document of cooling off being made was issued and day when we applied




Mention example of application withdrawal notice sentence

 << in the case of postcard >>

  •  You assume postcard simple registered mail handling, and keep copy.
  •  When you use credit, give to sale on credit company.
  • Postcard mention example


<< in the case of contents-certified mail >>

  • We sell paper of contents-certified mail in stationers.

    When there is rule to write on one piece of paper in one less than 20 characters, less than 26 lines and takes three same content books and "one piece of envelope" and "private seal" to supplier to window, we mail one to supplier after checking, and post office keeps one and returns one to the sender.

  • Contents-certified mail mention example

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