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Release of electronic book "support book for old driver"

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 Trend toward decreases has the number of traffic accidents, casualties in Japan year by year. However, there is some kind of correspondence for advanced age driver in the necessary situation while the number of fatal accidents remains at the same level, and it is anticipated that the number of driver's license tenants by entireties 75 years or older will increase more in future when we pay our attention to advanced age drivers 75 years or older.

 The driver and family of the rotation notice drops of cognitive function and exercise function, and it is important to do some kind of appropriate correspondence for ensuring safety.

 In cooperation with Kumamoto Prefectural University Iimura laboratory, electronic book for the purpose of creation at opportunity to review prevention of traffic accident of old driver and the way of future driving made "support book for advanced age driver".

 You look at once, and how about everybody when we think about future driving?


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