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 On the Kumamoto Police homepage, we handle based on Kumamoto ordinance of privacy protection about collection, the use of personal information and offer, management and the disposal appropriately.


With personal information

 It is information about individual such as address, full name, phone number, e-mail address and we can distinguish authorized individual and say (we include thing which may distinguish authorized individual by collating with other information.).


About the acquisition of personal information

 When the Kumamoto Police acquire personal information through the Kumamoto Police homepage, it should be provision of information by intention of user.

 The acquisition of personal information makes the use purpose clear and performs in range necessary to achieve the purpose.


About the use of personal information and offer

 We use personal information that had you provide from users within the use purpose that we stated clearly beforehand.
 Set in Kumamoto ordinance of privacy protection including case to include agreement of the person; unless is constant, to the use and the outside for purpose except the use purpose of personal information do not provide.


About management of personal information

 Personal information that we acquired from users takes necessary and appropriate measures for appropriate management such as prevention of leak, loss and damage.
 Personal information that did not have to hold removes surely and immediately.


About the use of Google Analytics

  •  We use Google Analytics to grasp the use situation of site on the Kumamoto Police homepage.
  •  Google Analytics collects information of user using Cookie. This traffic data is collected by anonymity and does not identify individual. As this function can refuse collection by invalidating Cookie, please confirm setting of browser of errand. But please be careful when you become invalid as a part may not function normally.
     In addition, about the details, please see "we use from site and application using service of Google by Google of gleanings" We open with the other window(external link).

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