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Exclusive email of inconvenient ear and speech dials 110

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 □ Address of the email 110th

 [email protected]


 The email 110th is system which we established using the Internet for inconvenient various places of ear and words.

 This "email 110th" is emergency reporting system to report to the police in cases that person with a disability with cell-phone which is available for E-mail communication is home or whereabouts and is encountered case, accident or were witnessed.

 Therefore please refrain from the use of except where ear and words are inconvenient.


Structure of 1 email 110th

 (1) We make report email with cell-phone and transmit to the address mentioned above.

 (2) Email reaches the Kumamoto Police headquarters communication order section and we dial 110 and accept.

 (3) We send reply email of police officer having accepted when we accept the 110th.

 (4) By report contents, we dispatch police officer in the spot and cope.


Contents which notify 2

  You input next into email, and please transmit.

 (1) Case name (traffic accident, theft, trouble)

 (2) The scene (address, facility, building, bus stop becoming aim)

 (3) Outbreak time (just around five minutes ago)

 (4) The number of people, clothes of criminal, escape direction, the number of car

 (5) Your address, full name, phone number (cell-phone), having injury or not

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