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News from Amakusa police station traffic section February, 2020 issue

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About the traffic accident situation of 1 jurisdiction

 Outbreak of traffic accident that occurred by the end of January, 2020

It becomes material which we gathered about the situation.

Of accident prevention please be referred to.

Whole accident map

Accident map (Hondo city)


For prevention of 2 drive dozing

  Injury that occurred in Amakusa police station jurisdiction during last year

 It is nine cases equal to about 14% among a certain traffic accident of this

 But, in being the cause by head-on collision drive dozing

 There was doubted thing.

  In addition, the others drive dozing as cause

 ko that we cause accident alone, and car is completely demolished

 Interpreter late mo occurs.

  Most of causes of drive dozing with "fatigue"
 As time becoming sleepy for "lack of sleep,"

   ○ From the middle of the night to the early morning

   ○ Between 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.

 But, it is said that there is, and a lot of drive dozing occurs

 We are considered to be time.
  As measures,

   ○ We take nap (as for the nap time less than 30 minutes)

   ○ We stretch

   ○ We open window


  Drive dozing is direct connection suruoso for serious accident

 regaarutame, appropriate physical condition management and early rest

 Let's prevent drive dozing by rest beforehand.

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